Using Bylines

If you wish to promote yourself / your website, add a byline at the end of each of your articles.

  1. Use a 1-2 line description and only link out to one url. You can also link to your Twitter profile as a second link.
  2. Keep the author name and site name in bold.
  3. Keep the whole byline in italics.

Here is an example of a byline/profile that we will not accept:

I’m a freelance writer who owns a New York Pizza shop.  My New York Pizza Shop serves the best pizza in New York.  I blog daily about New York Pizza and about where you can find the best deals on New York Pizza.  For more information, check out my blog on New York Pizza.

See how unnatural this sounds and especially looks.  Again, we know that one of your main reasons for writing on our site is possibly for the link “juice”, but if that’s your only reason, please do us a favor and don’t submit a post.  We don’t need your post that bad.  Don’t waste yours or our time.

Here’s a much more acceptable way of putting the same info into your byline that looks much more legitimate:

I’m a pizza lover from New York and I love to blog and majored in Journalism at NYU.  Owner and founder of New York Pizza shop, where you can find some of the best pizza in town.

Doesn’t the second byline look a whole lot nicer?  And remember, we will be checking the links anyway to see if you’re affiliated with the site(s) linked in your bio.  And if you’re not please don’t waste our time by submitting an article to us.  Again, NO COPYWRITERS! (See Rules.)

Here’s another  example of an acceptable byline that Brennen Jones, the founder of our site uses from time to time:

Brennen Jones is the CEO at, which is a blog that provides other bloggers and journalists an outlet to give their “twist” on various news topics and trends.  You can follow Brennen Jones’ personal and business ramblings @brennenjones on Twitter.

See how it’s short, sweet, and straight to the point.  And remember, that every author gets their own personal author page where you would be able to give out a lot more info into what you do or may be trying to promote.  Your author page is reserved for things that shouldn’t be in your byline.

Last Update: July 24, 2016  

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