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Serial Killers Come In All Colors

While the majority of sensationalized serial killer murders in the United States are perpetrated by Caucasian males there are many African American ones operating in the U.S. as well.
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10 Celebrity Sex Scandals

One thing we know for sure is that celebrity, fame, money and status do not preclude someone from committing a crime, nor being accused of one. After all, famous or not, they're just human like you and me.
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Chicago Police Department Under Investigation

Shady actions by individuals in the Chicago Police Department have prompted probing. Cover-ups and a lack of information release are the basis of the Justice Department's involvement. Is this a start for something better?
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Diary of a Pimpy Kid

Let me begin by stating that I’m honored to be the new kid on the block here at The Urban Twist. With that out of the way, I figure it would be a good idea to offer a little background as a way of introducing myself...