$99 Blue Edition Wii Being Sold at Wal-Mart this Black Friday 2011
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Black Friday/Thursday Deal: Walmart Selling $99 Blue Edition Nintendo Wii

It looks like people will be camping out again at Walmart on Black Friday. This time for their chance to buy this blue Wii for $99.

Brennen Jones




Are you looking for a Wii for Christmas? Then you may want to try and campout for Walmart’s Black Friday Thursday event as they have revealed that they will be offering customers a chance to purchase a rare blue edition of the Nintendo Wii for just $99.96.

The Limited Edition blue edition Wii is the cheaper Wii version which does not include GameCube support while offering the same blue coloring previously used just for an add-on Wiimote. Included with the console is one matching wiiMote and Nunchuk.

It doesn’t appear that any games come with this system. But don’t fear as Walmart also has you covered for that as well. On Black Friday Thursday, they will be selling Wii games for as low as 10 bucks. They’re also selling a two-game bundled Wii pack for $150.

Walmart has not announced whether the systems will continue to be made available after the Black Friday Thursday sale date, although it’s very rare that any gaming console would be sold for just a one-day period.

The systems go on sale at 10:00PM on Thanksgiving day and will likely be sold out by 10:01PM.

You can view Walmart’s Black Friday ad by simply visiting their site.

Will you be attempting to pick up this $99 Nintendo Wii from Walmart?

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