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NBA Playoff Picture Finally Set!

The final day of the NBA regular season had a lot of different and interesting storylines as the Lakers make the playoffs, Stephen Curry sets 3-point mark, and the Bobcats wind up not being the worst team in the NBA this season.




Yesterday April 17, 2013 was a monumental day. It was the day that I turned 21 and the basketball gods gave me the best gift ever. Last night was the very last night of the NBA season and last night all 30 teams played last night. What better way to celebrate my birthday than with the ability to watch every single team suit up one last time. From the Miami Heat to the Charlotte Bobcats, everybody was on and of course some interesting things happened.

One great accomplishment that occurred last night was that the Charlotte Bobcats did not finish with the worse record in the NBA that honor goes to the Orlando Magic, as the Magic fell to the Miami Heat, Charlotte finished their season with a bang defeating the Cleveland Cavs, and one upping the Magic in the records column. Carmelo Anthony is finally getting rewarded for all the jacking he does as he finished the season with his very first scoring title.  In order for the 2nd leading scorer, Kevin Durant to beat Melo, he would have had to drop 70 points but instead he sat back and rested as the Thunder dropped their final game.

Stephen Curry showed everyone that he can ball this year, but what he accomplished last night was nuts. Curry broke the record for most 3 pointers made in an NBA season. The previous record holder was Ray Allen, you know the guy who kinda has hit the most 3 pointers in NBA history (yeah that guy).

The biggest story of all had to be the final playoff spot in the Western Conference. The Utah Jazz had one last chance to get that spot if they won against the Memphis Grizzlies and if the Los Angles Lakers lost to the Houston Rockets. Well the Jazz lost pretty bad on national television, meaning the Lakers were in no matter if they won or lost.

I think that was another sign from the basketball gods because I’m pretty sure nobody outside of Utah wanted to see the Jazz in the playoffs.  As crazy as the Lakers season has been I know I didn’t want it to end. With the Jazz out of the picture now the Rockets and Lakers battled for the 7th spot in the conference. Of course the game was crazy as Chandler Parson hit a deep 3 to send the game into overtime but in the end the Lakers pulled out the victory and gained the 7th spot.

Here’s how the playoff picture breaks down.

Eastern Conference:

1. Miami Heat vs 8. Milwaukee Bucks

2. New York Knicks vs 7. Boston Celtics

3. Indiana Pacers vs 6. Atlanta Hawks

4. Brooklyn Nets vs  5. Chicago Bulls

Western Conference:

1. Oklahoma City Thunder vs 8. Houston Rockets

2. San Antonio Spurs vs 7. Los Angles Lakers

3. Denver Nuggets vs 6. Golden State Warriors

4. Los Angles Clippers vs 5. Memphis Grizzlies


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