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Saint Trayvon

Why Trayvon Martin’s killer may go free, & why that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

St. Trayvon
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  • Word Pimp:
    Are you retarded? You didn’t know Trayvon Martin, so why are your emotions in play? This case isn’t being tried using stand your ground. Also, funny that someone following the case so closely doesn’t know that there are six jurors, not twelve.

    • Yes, yes… I skipped the boring vior dire… Debate me on valid pionts using actual logic, not by picking on ONE mistake. In case you didn’t realize, my column is Op/Ed. My emotions are only in play in as much as I have two children, young men, only slightly older than Trayvon. I address this issue as a father who can imagine his sons being accosted by a creepy stranger, and how they would have reacted. That could have been on of my boys killed for no good reason.

      • Emma Hunt

        you obviously haven’t a clue whats going on…you boss should dismiss you as we all think you’re an idiot…try working for the dollar tree store, you will be more of a success there…perhaps stocking the shelves with the douche solutions.

        • Wow, Emma. Such rancid hatred for someone you don’t know personally. My PUBLISHER LOVES the controversy my article has created. So, I hate to disappoint you, but I’m not going anywhere.

          I AM open to learning and getting things right. Show me some evidence of how clueless I am, and I’ll change my POV, as well as my article.

          • Ronald Pence

            That reminds me of what Lee Ioccca said just before they fired him and walked him out the door of Ford Motor Company. In his case they were wrong to fire him.

      • Ronald Pence

        When I was 17, I was carrying a gun as a soldier. A 17 year old is not a kid and can kill you just as dead as,,,,well better than a weaker older person. As Trevon’s girlfriend told him he might be a rapist, run. He attacked zimmerman be cause he thought he was a gay guy following him. At least thats what she said in testimony. Also, florida had self defense laws a long time before the stand your ground. That defense was not even used. That means if for example you are at the gas station filling up your vehicle and someone attacks you , you dont have to run from him as a defense. Most of us could not outrun a young attacker anyway. Defending your own life is not murder. From the pictures the prosecutor didnt turn over to the defense of zimmer’s face all beat up and the back of his head from being knocked into the sidewalk all thru the trial this had the marks of a predudiced political trial to railroad Zimmerman. I guess the trial means if you are a white guy and attacked you might as well give up and let him kill you. White guy cant defend again anyone else if attacked. Following a person that is suspicious when there have been gangs in the neighborhood burgularizing the homes does not give that person the right to beat that person to death, so Z could either die or defend himself. What do you expect him to do? What would you do. I see from the comments those that claim to have followed the trial just dont get it. They have a problem sorting data or concentration or something, much like the people in the old westerns that saw someone in the area of a killing and lynch them. Luckily the ladies knew how to understand the evidence. Did anyone see the testimony of the forensic expert that testified from the wound Treyvon would have had to been on top of Zimmerman? Did you see the expert interpet the brusing as being hit in the face, knocking the head back into the cement sidewalk? No one said Zimmernan attacked Treyvon first. Following a person in a public place is not reason to attack them.

  • Robbins Mitchell

    FTA….”Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter. What matters is what the twelve jurors believe to be true.”……tell me something,Pimpy Boy……what makes you think your take on this trial has any validity at all?….given the fact that you are clearly unaware that the jury is composed of SIX females….five white or Anglo…and 1 of mixed ethnicity……and not the 12 you imagine……you are what is generally referred to in the common parlance as a “clueless dork”

    • I never claimed validity. My column is Op/Ed. I get paid (theoretically) for my opinion. But if you want to dismiss my argument based solely on ONE mistake regarding the number of jurors, so be it. I’d be more impressed if you presented a cogent counter argument instead, but I understand if you’re incapable of that.

  • Bob Honiker

    Do you even care that this very likely a legitimate case of self defense?

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    Gee another case of another complete ignoramus writing about things he knows NOTHING about. First the author is another LYING race pimp. “keeping up with the trial”…Really? The author is keeping up with the trial and yet does NOT know the jury is made up of 6, not 12 jurors. Then there is ” who only wanted to get back home with his Skittles & tea and watch basketball”, really? Ever hear of “lean”, or “Purple drank”?, since Saint Skittles had watermelon, drink not ice tea that night. Then the author states, ” Their job is to determine whether the defendant abided by Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.”..Err no Zimmerman never invoked that statute in his defense, but simple self defense. Finally if the author wants the nation to move into a more “humane direction” he should impel those like Trayvon, and that 300 lb slab of ghetto attitude {the states “star” witness}, to reject the current black “thug” culture of criminality, immorality and personal cowardice.

    • Ah, yes… I skipped the boring vior dire process and misunderstood the number of jurors, and suddenly I’m an ignoramus & a liar. A little education for YOU, Thomas, apparent sage of all things ghetto: If it comes in a can that says Arizona on it, we call it tea, regardless to the flavor. …& I’m curious as to what you think purple drank/lean has to do with any of this. Are you saying that the evidence shows Trayvon was going to mix his tea with cough syrup, and therefore he deserved to be stalked and ultimately killed?

      You call me an ignoramus, and yet you seem to be unaware that Florida’s self defense laws are codified withing Stand Your Ground. Am I wrong? Show me, or provide a link to the OTHER self defense laws in Florida, then.

      Ah, yes… the racism reveals itself in the end. What about the white “thug” culture. Is that criminal, immoral, & cowardly. What made Trayvon such the thug? Because he was smoked weed, and got into some of the same most teenagers get into, black, white or hispanic? Please!!! The only difference between Trayvon & other teenagers, like mine, is that HE was black. My kids were no different, and both are like joining the Baltimore Police Dept.

  • Michael Kosak

    so, it seems obvious by now that the state has no case, that witnesses and evidence supports Zimmerman’s explanation f events, but this idiot author still says “it was murder”

    No, it wasn’t.

    It Saint Skittles had simply TALKED to Zimmerman like a civilized human he would still be alive.

  • BarryBarry

    Showing the picture of a twelve year old Trayvon betrays your Race baiting mindset.

    Equating Zimmerman with pedophiles confirms it.

    You have no interest in justice. You are just another race baiting poverty pimp acting like a face painting homer at a football game.All you know is “your team”.

    • Are you serious, Barry. You’re judging me as a race baiter because of the graphic I used? And how was Trayvon supposed to know his killer WASN’T a pedophile. What if some creepy guy was following YOUR child? What if YOUR child had taken that bullet? How would you feel then? Nothing I’ve said is outside of common sense.

      • Emma Hunt

        TM had he not reached for georges gun would still be around thugging today but it was his decision to take it to the next level and George just happened to be quicker on the draw………Never bring skittles to a gun fight !!!!!! End of Story.

        • Sorry, Emma darling. DNA evidence introduced last week show NO EVIDENCE that Trayvon grabbed the killer’s gun; and no evidence exists that he even reached for it, except for the word of the killer. But I’m sure the killer is being completely honest… lmao

      • BarryBarry

        You used that graphic because you KNEW it would prejudice the reader, just like the media knew it. You attempt to further influence the reader by bringing in pedophilia. BTW, Trayvon was NOT a child. And in many instances, men his age are the perpetrators in child abuse cases.

        So, “the Big, Bad White man wanted to abuse the poor little black kid and then shut him up my murdering him.” THAT’s the message you want to get out..

        And race baiting is not only the purview of the Black “activists”. You are all the same when it comes to using race as a weapon and/or an excuse.

      • George Zimmerman’s Black Ancestry is Revealed

        George Zimmerman: the black, Hispanic, Peruvian, kind-hearted non-white, not-racist poster boy

        George Zimmerman Has ‘Black Roots’

  • LOL! The author cannot even get the number of jurors right. If he taught his children to attack someone unprovoked, then he is part of the problem.

    • cyriasmills

      can’t stand that the author got so many facts wrong about the trial – but the concept remains the same. Trayvon was not unprovoked. what would you call unprovoked? being followed by a man in a car and then the man gets out and follows you on foot? I would have either fought or flew. not to mention the man had a loaded weapon in his possession. i don’t care if it was zimmerman self defense of not in the moment of the shot. zimmerman went after him with a loaded weapon, following him in the night time with an angry agenda. zimmerman is the predator. if martin did “attack” zimmerman, it was martin who was acting in self defense. if martin was winning the fight, good for him – since zimmerman was the threat the whole time.

      • Hey Cyria, aside from my mistake regarding the number of jurors, what other facts did I get wrong? I’m open to corrections.

        • Ronald Pence

          The misconception about the stand your ground law. You are using the liberal media misinterpetition of it. It does not give you the right to use a weapon in circumstances that it was not already legal to use deadly force except you do not have to try to outrun the person first. In other words if someone is going to hit you with a water hose it does not give you the right to use deadly force except unusual circumstances. You have to have reasonable fear of being killed to use deadly force to defend yourself. Stand your ground has no bearing on that. It only means if you have a right to be where you are you dont have to run away first. Before the stand your ground if someone were kicking in your front door to kill you, run out the back door. Stand your ground means you have a right to be in your home, you dont have to run outside trying to escape the bad guy.

      • Zimmerman had every right to be where he was. Trying to determine who someone is in your neighborhood who you do not recognize is not provocation. Martin had plenty of time to go home if he was frightened. He could not know that Zimmerman was armed, and maybe that was part of the problem. He likely would not have attacked Zimmerman if he knew that Zimmerman had a gun.

      • Ronald Pence

        Treyvon’s girlfriend testified the guy might be a rapist. Does the fact that he was armed make him a predator in your thinking? Trayvon had no way to know he was armed. If he had he would not have attacked him. If he listened to his girlfriend said on the phone he thought there was a gay guy following him to make contact. She told him it might be a rapist, to run from him. Because Zimmerman was legally armed means he went thru the same background check as a policeman to be sure he was not a felon or abused alcohol or drugs. Besides he had to read a booklet on examples of the law and understand it in order to have the license. From the looks of his pictures with the bloody head he was about to go unconscious and was already unable to defend himself except with the last resort. As I said a 17 year old is not a kid. At 17 I was in the military and trained to kill so a 17 year old can kill you just as dead as an 18 year old. I am sorry the young man is dead and especially sorry for his parents. Lack of teaching or lack of ability to learn, I don’t know which. Treyvon had a phone. Why didnt he call the police?

        • cyriasmills

          Ronald, i appreciate that you are in this conversation. and yes, the fact that zimmerman went after martin with a loaded weapon does make him a predator. i have been a neighborhood watch, “citizen on patrol” for years – and with my experience, zimmerman is a cold blooded murderer. the fact that he did not immediately talk to him – as one HUMAN BEING to another, and identify himself as a neighborhood watch, or even as someone who is concerned about anything, or even a friggin hello, made him an obvious danger to Trayvon the entire time. especially while he was still in his car, to say hi, i’m neighborhood watch – everything ok? i mean, 4 years as neighborhood watchman, police training, and he gets out of his car, follows the young man without a word, supposedly “afraid” with a loaded gun? please. it’s really hard to take him seriously at all. yes, he thought his life was “in danger.” he was a predator, looking to kill. and when you are looking to kill your life is in danger. and you nor I don’t know if he flashed his gun in the first second of seeing Trayvon or what – you don’t know who threw the first punch even. but you believe this man, who was supposedly afraid but followed him anyway, and who happened to shoot the boy straight in the heart, after following him into the darkness, let’s just add this for honesty’s sake – because he was black. not because he was “walking too slowly” or “too fast” for zimmerman’s comfort. not because he was wearing a hoodie in the rain. those excuses are absurd and an insult to humanity. so if zimmerman had the ability to learn anything in police training classes or gun totin’ classes or whatever, he would have stayed in his car, and talked to Trayvon like a human being. too bad he didn’t, and too bad you can’t see that following someone into the darkness with a loaded weapon is a predatory aggression. and by the way, i am sorry you were trained to kill at 17. it doesn’t mean it was right, though. and you most likely have some healing to do from that time in your life. i wish you well and that you never follow a man or boy into the darkness without thinking of his humanity first.

          • Ronald Pence

            You read a lot more into the facts than are there. Just because he follows someone to continue to give his location to the police does not make him a predator. Police follow people and they are armed and that does not make them a predator. Females seem to read more into what is said than actually was said. I failed to answer a phone call from a lady I know because my ringer somehow was turned down. She wrote me a sad crying letter about why was I mad at her. How did she read that into the situation. Just an example. Just becasue some has a gun on them does not make them a predator. A car lot owner in Detroit had a man try to shove her into her house to rob and rape her when she opened the door to her home. She was able to get her gun out as he was trying to control her and shot him 5 times. He was laying on the ground with his gun still in his hand. Because she was armed was she a predator? That is a wrong assumption and all your conclusions are wrong. He didnt shoot Trayvon until he had his face bloody and the back of his head from being knocked into the cement. At that point I am sure he was about to loose conscienceness and had already become unable to defend himself without a weapon. It was be killed or use the weapon. I am convinced from the girlfriends testimony they thought he was a gay following him and Trayvon thought he was beating up on a homo. She said he wants to rape you, Run. He chose to attack Z instead. True Z should have gone home and ignored him. So what if he broke into someone home and killed them. He tried to do the right thing.

          • cyriasmills

            ronald i just disagree, although i appreciate your placing your ‘personal into political,’ as so much of my favorite feminist art does. keep examining your friends, family, community and yourself in relationship to what is political. i will too. having a loaded weapon doesn’t make you a predator. having a loaded weapon, and following a boy into the darkness does. a police officer announces himself immediately, and usually in a tone – if s/he is worth their weight in salt – does so in a matter to diffuse any heightened situation. that’s how they are trained. They also call for backup. GZ was also trained that way by being neighborhood watch, if that programs’ worth its’ salt, which by the witness’ testimony she did what she could to teach the murderer. but he didn’t listen. you said yourself Z should’ve gone home. but that’s not what a predator does, is it? a predator gets out of their car with a weapon and follows a boy into darkness. and/or worse. he tried to do the right thing? i am no pacifist, either, by the way. but i know right from wrong and will speak to that later. and yes, a female, and children in general, are more sensitive to danger as we are also more vulnerable to it. and then you made up the gay hate crime story! come on, now, ronald. if TM thought GZ was a rapist/stalker, any violence from TM still would’ve been a reaction to GZ’s aggressive and threatening ACTIONS, not the assumption that GZ is gay. the assumption, based on the proven evidence, is a pretty good one that GZ was a predator. only to kill and not rape. OK this convo is pretty much done. you wanna hate Trayvon for some reason, and I have empathy for a kid who was doing nothing wrong when attacked and killed. it’s not “self defense” when you started the fight. the last thing i wanna write is that just because something may be technically legal, doesn’t mean it’s Right in the Laws of our Creators. And we all get that what GZ did was really really really Wrong.

          • Ronald Pence

            I keep thinking of things about what you wrote. The gay bashing is not my personal feellings as I would never have thought of it, just detailed info from the court testimony I listened to. The girfriend told him on the phone that it might be a rapist, Run Trayvon Run. I thought that was strange at first but figured it out that she had told him a guy person had his eye on him and he likely believed her. The reason for following was to keep a general location for the police as in past calls the burglars plaguing the neighborhood had been able to hide from the police by the time they arrived. No a police does not always announce himself when he is waiting for backup and Z was waiting for backup, the police. he was not trying to confront Trayvon as the jury easily saw. You need to separate yourself from your emotions and use just the evidence and testimony as basic for conclusiion,,,,logic. To my surprise the talk shows have picked up on this that I have just said about her testimony so I know I am not off base with it, and you likely will hear more about it. They were surprised it was not brought up in court but I can see it was not necessary to bring up more that might be confusing.

          • Ronald Pence

            One last thing, because he wanted the police to check out a possible burgular suspect does not make him a predator. He has no record of that or he would not have had the conceal carry permit. He underwent an FBI background check before getting the permit as do police officers. You dont wait until you are his age and suddenly become a predator. Dont be paranoid. Every one is not a predator but I can see how when you see so many and perhaps you deal with some it makes you more suspicious. An expert whose writings I read said we are all suspicious of anyone different from us or that seems out of place in our surroundings. Natural instinct.

    • No, I taught my children to not allow some creep to harm them. I taught them to assume that any creepy man stalking them might very well mean them harm or be a pedophile, and that, while I don’t advocate violence, they MUST protect themselves.

      • Brian Avant

        Listen Pimp when I was a teenager and doing my share of illegal things there was only one reason I would have a screwdriver in my back pack
        CAUSE IM DOING SOME CRIMINAL SHIT. Now if I have a screwdriver, a hammer, some vice grips, some sockets and a ratchet ok i got a legitimate tool set lol. If we leave out parts of the story when teaching our kids about this situation we do them a great dis service. he did not deserve to die but every action has a reaction. our teens have become butt holes that think they can do whatever they want. well when you act like that remember your in a new neighborhood that don’t play that shit. Why was he not informed by responsible adults in his house that this place has a neighborhood watch. better yet why were they not part of neighborhood watch. Cause whites care when their neighbors get robbed, blacks dont give a shit when their neighbors get robbed.

  • JenniferGranholm

    The disease of the mind called racism, but don’t expect the author to seek treatment.

    • I’m confused as to your call of racism. Please explain.

  • Zimmerman was jumped by Martin who was properly and legally shot in the commission of his final crime. And that is all.

    • Emma Hunt

      God Bless George Zimmerman

    • Explain to me again why the killer was following Trayvon when expressly told not to. Then explain to me what you would teach YOUR child to do in that situation.

      • Ronald Pence

        There was no proof presented that he continued to follow. He was by his vehicle when he was attacked.

  • AUTHOR’S NOTE: Before any more of you haters embarrass yourselves any further, please keep in mind that the defense’s choice to waive a Stand Your Ground hearing before a judge simply means that they wanted it left to a jury and not put the killer on the stand (which would have been required). IT DOES NOT MEAN HE IS NOT USING THE LAW AS HIS DEFENSE. Learn how the law works before you start calling others ignorant.

    • Thomas J.Stratford

      The law being used is FL ST 776.012{1}, not FL ST 667.013{3},. But I don’t expect the race pimps like yourself to be in command of the facts, you know like the race pimps during the Duke 3 incident when they were demonstrating about all those “white frat boys dat be a rapin’ all day black women” a crime that is nearly UNHEARD OF IN THE USA!..Buffoon!

      • 776.012?Use of force in defense of person.—A person is justified in using force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that such conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force. However, a person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat if:

        (1)?He or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony; or

        (2)?Under those circumstances permitted pursuant to s. 776.013.

        Do you see that part in the main section where the laws states “…does not have duty to retreat…”? That’s the Stand Your Ground Law. The other law you reference is some obscure foreign business law.

        I will assume you MEANT 776.013, Tommy. That law, by the way, is known as “Home protection; use of deadly force; presumption of fear of death or great bodily harm.” Meaning it dictates use of force when in your dwelling, residence, or vehicle.

        You know I can look these up, right? I won’t bother to call you names, because, unlike you, I don’t feel it’s necessary to degrade people I disagree with, That being said, you may want to make certain you are clear of the facts before presenting them.

        • Thomas J.Stratford

          Let me again help you with your confusion. 776.013 {3] home protection etc. refers to the SYG law “?A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked IN ANY OTHER PLACE where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force..” I’m sorry you can’t fathom the meaning of “ANY OTHER PLACE”, and how it refers to “ANY OTHER PLACE” as opposed to being in a dwelling, residence or vehicle. Don’t think so? I would refer you to The State of Florida v Dooley, a SYG case that took place on a tennis court in Largo, Fl…hope that’s not too confusing for you, but I have my doubts.

  • Donnie Braden

    You seam to be confused about a lot, including the details of this case. Zimmerman is innocent. He thought he was following a criminal. Martin was a criminal and proved it when he assaulted Zimmerman. Assault is a crime and that makes Martin a criminal. Zimmerman should go free.

    • Did you even read my article? I said the killer should go free.

  • Bert Sterling

    Zimmerman did not “accost” or “assail” Trayvon. Trayvon was the assailant, and the evidence proves that conclusively. Zimmerman stopped following Trayvon when the dispatcher said “We don’t need you to do that.”

    The damning evidence which John Guy has already mentioned but which will be explored in much greater detail this week is time and distance.

    Three minutes and 40 seconds passed between the time the dispatcher said, “We don’t need you to do that,” and the call between Trayvon and Rachel Jeantel ended. 220 seconds. Healthy young adults walk at a speed of about 5 feet per second. So in those 220 seconds, Zimmerman had time to move 1100 feet. He did not. Trayvon’s body lay only 200 feet from Zimmerman’s truck.

    Additionally, Zimmerman had already exited his truck and run (he says he wasn’t running, but from the sound of the 911 call, he was at the very least “walking briskly”) for about 15 seconds until he said “Okay” to the dispatcher’s advice not to follow. That’s time for him to cover at least 75 feet, but as he was moving quickly, probably twice that.

    So in that 220 seconds, when Zimmerman had time to cover 1100 feet at a normal walk, he only covered at most about 100 to 150. Please explain how Zimmerman could have followed Trayvon for 220 seconds, YET MOVED ONLY 100 FEET. If you’re following someone, you have to be going somewhere, and going there with a purpose. As Zimmerman didn’t go anywhere, he clearly could not have been following Trayvon.

    One more very important thing. Zimmerman isn’t the only one who had 220 seconds to get somewhere. Trayvon did, too. You say in your article that Trayvon “only wanted to get back home with his Skittles & tea and watch basketball.” Well, why didn’t he? He had 220 seconds, time to walk at a normal pace 1100 feet. Zimmerman’s truck was no more than 600 feet from Brandy Green’s door. Trayvon had time to walk from the truck, to Green’s door, and back again. If all he wanted to do was get home, why didn’t he?

    The same rules of physics apply to both Zimmerman and to Trayvon. There are only two possible explanations for how they ended up where they did:

    1) They went some few hundred feet away from the “T” in the sidewalks, and then turned around and went back, or,

    2) They never strayed more than 50 feet from that “T.”

    It doesn’t matter whether they both did 1 or 2, or each did a different one. Zimmerman had good reason for either staying near the T, or returning to it. Either he stayed in that area and waited for the police, or he went away from it, and then stopped, turned around, and headed back to his truck. He could not have done anything else and still ended up only 50 feet away from that T.

    THE EXACT SAME THING APPLIES TO TRAYVON. However, what good reason did Trayvon have to wait near the T, near where Zimmerman was or had been, for 220 seconds? What good reason did Trayvon have to leave the vicinity of the T, then turn around and go back to the spot where Zimmerman was, or had been?

    The distance and the time, 220 seconds, PROVE that Trayvon either waited for Zimmerman, or returned to Zimmerman. That proves conclusively that Trayvon was the aggressor, not George.

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    I guess the author missed the FB posts by darling Saint Skittles references to “Lean”, but nice try there “dupit”!

    • O, my! References to “lean.” How could I have missed that?! Wow, Thomas, you single-handedly broke the case wide open with that one. No other kid in the world has ever Robobuzzed!!! It makes people homicidal!!! QUICK! Alert the DEA. We must get this scourge off our streets! ROTFLMAO.

      I remember Robobuzzing (Then’s version of drank/lean) has been around since… Well, I discovered it when I first moved to Middle River, MD 30+ years ago. It was one of the many things of the white trash kids who inhabited the area at the time would use to get high.

      It’s only dangerous if black kids are doing it, right?

  • Thattune

    Zimmerman is a Hispanic, ask him! Please keep us white folk out of this whole tragic situation. We are busy trying to make a living and support the half of the country that considers voting Democratic an income source!

    Also there may be reason to have race discussions in this nation but using Trayvon Martin as the poster child is joke. The kid was a wannabee thug and probably did attack Zimmerman, Zimmerman was just a puss and shot him rather than take a butt whooping. We white folk can take a beating because the whole world tries to beat us down everyday!

  • Michael Allen Gates

    Trayvon is not a martyr, he is a criminal. The prosecuction is now going to be sued for firing an employee who exposed that they were illegally hiding evidence about Martin that would have helped Zimmerman.

  • Vee

    Obviously you are intelligent enough to pay attention to the facts and not see things how you personally want to. You are able to read between the lines. This is quite refreshing. I read so many ignorant, (blatant, innate and of course purposefully) often per the media and their commentators. Thanks for not making up additional details and making them facts. Your intelligence is appreciated. And your rebuttals to the comfortable ignorance below.

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