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Robert Shapiro will Represent Rob Kardashian in Custody Battle with Blac Chyna

In acquiring the services of Robert Shapiro, Rob has tapped legal representation that is synonymous with the Kardashian name.

Pascal Mnyika




It seems the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna saga is far from over after Rob hired Robert Shapiro of the O.J. Simpson fame to represent him in the custody battle of the couple’s 8-month-old daughter dream.

Blac Chyna was however not left behind as she responded by appearing on the Good Morning America show to speak on her legal battle with Rob Kardashian, who recently posted explicit images of her on the internet. Chyna appeared on the show with her lawyer Lisa Bloom, who had previously announced that Chyna will be taking legal action against Rob.

Robert Shapiro will be appearing in court on behalf of Rob Kardashian a move which has been seen as tapping a legal representation that is one and the same with the Kardashian name. Shapiro was one of the attorneys who in partnership with Johnnie Cochran and Rob’s father comprised the “Dream Team” that represented O.J. Simpson during his infamous trial for the double murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman in the 1990’s.

Shapiro is expected to declare that Rob will honor the provisional restraining order filed against him and that he will desist from communicating with Blac Chyna or bully her over social media from now on. Nevertheless, the main reason of Shapiro’s appearance will be to discuss custody arrangements for the former couple’s 8-month old daughter, Dream.

During her meeting with Linsey Davis, Chyna spoke of how Rob broke her feelings being the person she trusted but betrayed her by spilling the secrets about their relationship and posting nude photos of her on social media.

According to legal experts, Rob may face legal repercussions under California’s revenge porn laws. The law stipulates that leaking graphic images of a former partner that were meant to remain private, and doing so with the intention of causing them emotional stress is punishable by up to six months and jail and could land Rob into serious trouble.