J Prince Suing B.E.T.

Rap-A-Lot’s CEO J Prince is suing B.E.T. saying that they have tarnished his image.

J Prince, CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, is suing BET, Apple and Viacom for defamation of character over an episode of BET’s hit show, American Gangster.

The suit claims that the episode featuring alleged Gangster Disciples boss, Larry Hoover, wrongfully used the images of Prince and Rap-A-Lot employee, Thomas Randle, during promotional spots with the word “murderers” stamped over the images. To further the suit, claims were also that the actual episode falsely linked them to The Gangster Disciples – a notorious Chicago street gang.

The photo in question feature both Prince and Randle pictured with Hoover, but with the “murderers” stamp across the picture, Prince feels that it is misleading to the general public and implies that he and Randle were involved in criminal activity.

“Neither Mr. Prince nor Mr. Randall has ever been convicted of any felony offenses, let alone murder,” an attorney for Prince and Randle states in a 13-page lawsuit filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Houston.

Prince claims that the episode has been damaging to his reputation and seeks to cease the distribution of the episode.  He also is seeking unspecified damages as a result of the mislabeling of his character.

Viacom is the parent company of BET while Apple also is being sued for servicing the episode for digital download on iTunes.

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