The Obamas Are About to Move On Up

The Obamas are gearing up for their big move from Chicago to the White House. As her husband, President-elect Barack Obama prepares to become the nation’s new Commander-in-Chief, Michelle Obama has coined a new title for herself – Mom-in-Chief – one she proudly admits to inventing.

When she moves into the White House as First Lady of the United States with her husband and two daughters, Mrs. Obama will have to get used to all eyes on her, judging everything from her body language, to what she wears to the programs she rallies behind.

But the First Lady isn’t worried about the transition and is ready to weather the storm, as long as she can still fix her girls’ hair and put them to bed at night, according to OK!.

“We try to keep things really normal,” Michelle tells the magazine in an interview.

The Obamas on the cover of Ok! Magazine

Michelle adds, her only concern is that she wishes she could pull herself together as fast as her husband does.

“Barack puts on his suit, tie and he’s out the door,” she recently told “The View.” “I’m getting my hair, makeup, the kids…”

Meanwhile, the CIC is pulling double duty as well. Barack Obama may be the new president, but when it comes to being involved in his girls life, he’s present for parent-teacher meetings, ballet recitals and reading Harry Potter, just like most parents across the country.

In the recent issue of Us Weekly, the proud father details the special bond between he and his daughters. He acts like a modern dad who shares parenting dutes, attends school conferences and manages to squeeze in the occasional date night with his wife Michelle, he tells the magazine.

Before jetting off to the White House Monday, he kissed his daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, goodbye and dropped them off at school.

“I think I’m a pretty cool dad,” Obama told Us earlier in the campaign.

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