Scalpers Busted For 20 Million – using software to secure Tickets

Scalpers Busted For 20 Million – using software to secure Tickets

Scalpers have gone High Tech since the days of standing outside the venue. “I got those tickets”. For More than 6 years, 4 California men ran a company called Wise Guy Tickets. They used some software referred to as a “BOT” to get the best seats at concerts and then reselling them higher prices.

It seems that this sort of thing has been going on for some time now.  The Artist, Promoters, & Ticketmaster’s Executives were complaining about this for years. Now that their operation have came to the light. Hopefully, getting seats will be easier.

Have you ever wondered why some people could get tickets- the best tickets? This company was fueling the resale ticket industry. I’m talking a multi-billion dollar industry. All this – because of some software used to get theirs first. This makes me wonder- what else is software used for people’s advantage. Why not wipe out everybody bad credit and let them start over? That would benefit the people and stimulate the economy. But that’s just me.

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