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Today’s Hate List is a byproduct of my dumbass mind looking too far into things.  I hate the…

Today’s Hate List is a byproduct of my dumbass mind looking too far into things.  I hate the Peppermint Patty type of lesbian.  Because you all know that Peppermint Patty was a lesbian right?  I hate the Power Rangers for hijacking their concept from Voltron. I hate people that get excited about getting drunk. I hate the Facebook Philosophers, who think that they are saying something profound. I hate that they do not realize because of their shirtless or half-naked profile picture no one takes them serious.  I hate that Facebook only has a “Like” option for someone’s status. I hate that they don’t have a “Dislike” option. Because some of the sh!t I read from my fake friends makes me want to delete them.  I hate that people use all types of punctuation marks in order to make  smiley faces. And they do not know I how to use them in a sentence. I hate that I do not know how to use them all in a sentence.  Ok I am done. here is the Hate List!

1. I hate the lady that saw me smiling and stated,  “why are you smiling?, what are you so happy about”. I told her, ” I am happy because I am not your pathetic ass, Now beat it you smuck and let me be happy”.

2. I hate when someone text me in the middle of the night.  I hate that they are usually dumbass messages. Matter of fact, I hate people that forward me stupid as text messages, which were forwarded to them.

3.  I hate when someone throws away the “Heel of the Bread”.  This the first and last pieces of a loaf of bread. That bothers me more then someone saying ” I am starving”.  NO! your not starving,  you look like every other obese American.  I would never mistaken you for someone who has not had food in days.  I would not mistaken you for my sponsored child, who I pay 27 cent a day for, you fat  dumb bastard.

4.  I hate people that double park in front of empty parking spots.

5.  I hate seeing small children outside by themselves.  I hate that the parent could careless where their child is.  I hate the idea of something  happening to that child because the irresponsible parent lacks the understanding of what it means to be a parent. Take care of your kids.

6. I hate the guy that called my phone and asked me if  I was messing with his girlfriend.  I hate that my response was, ” when you say….. messing, you make it sound like harassment”.  Now if you re-phrase that question and ask me if I have placed my penis in and on various part of her body, then the answer would be yes”. I hate that this guy is looking for me, I know this because he said, “n!gger I am going to find you and beat the the dog sh!t out of you”.

7.  I hate going in someone’s house and coming out smelling like their house.  Sometimes you don’t want the smell of fish cooked in chicken grease on your Sunday’s Best.

8.  I hate the homosexual man that stood next to me at the urinal in the restroom.  I hate that he took a peek at me over the fake ass partition that separated us.  I hate that he looked at me then turned away rolling his eyes unimpressed by what he saw.  I hate that when I saw him after I came out of the restroom, he was with his homosexual crew and they were laughing at me.  I hate that at that very moment I wanted to be gay just to show them how I put it down. OK, OK, OK  I went to far right there.  But if I was gay well lets just say, nevermind let’s not say.

9. I hate diseases. I hate how they consume your mind, body, and spirit, if you allow them too.  They become barriers in our lives that transform the way we see the world.  With that said, support Cancer research.  Regardless of race, sex, religion, and sexual orientation Cancer has touch us all. I hate Cancer. I hated the day I  woke up to my mother’s cries when she lost her beautiful hair, because of the Chemo treatment. I hate her wig, mainly cause it was jacked up.  I hate that Cancer took my beautiful niece Erica Renee Stewart.  I hate that Cancer took my grandmother Marionnette Shorter. I hate that Cancer is not a person, because if it was, we would all get our chance to slap the sh!t out of it.  By supporting Cancer research you are able to help slap the sh!t out of a awful disease.

10. I hate the  pain of losing a love one.  LOVE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!  This hate list sh!t is for fun, don’t get it twisted (no pun intended) LOVE REIGNS SUPREME.  I LOVE YOU! Now tell me what you hate, just for fun.

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