Young Jeezy Surprises Atlanta Kids !


Young Jeezy’s Street Dreamz Foundations and LightHouse printed up T-Shirts Proclaiming that the “CRCT Cant Stop me!” and set out studying and preping for the State Mandated CRCT.


Students results Passed with flying colors. In celebration of the kids passing. Young Jeezy rented out the Metrolanes Skate & Bowling Center to treat the kids not only to fun and games but reward then and show that HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Not only did he treat the kids but surprised a few of the parents by helping them with they bills.

Georgia’s Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests are used to determine how students are learning and performing in the Georgia school environment. Georgia law requires all first to eighth grade students to take the CRCT in the subjects of reading, language arts, and mathematics. Third to eighth graders also test in science and social studies.

This is a real way to give back to the community. There Are others in the game that give back to the people. It’s not something you hear everyday for a rapper to do this. If every artist in each city do something for the kids. Maybe the attitude will change for student in doing better in school. Kids growing up these days want to be a rapper or play sports than thinking about going to college. Granted , I can’t think of a career that you can make the same kind of money as a basketball player. To think realistically – what are the chances you can make it into the league? What are the chances you can make it in the music business? Its a hard business either way and it still takes studying to achieve the payout.

Stay in school and get an education – Young or Old.

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