Biebermania Hits BET

Justin Bieber and his legion of teenie bopper fans will undoubtly be taking over the BET awards show…

Justin Bieber and his legion of teenie bopper fans will undoubtly be taking over the BET awards show that will be held on June 27th.  Bieber will be competing in the best new artist category and was nominated for the awards alongside such prominent performers as rapper Jay-Z, who led the field with five nominations, and his wife Beyonce, who scored four.

Justin Bieber’s nomination is creating a little bit of an uproar since the BET Awards typically honor black singers, actors, actresses and athletes, but officials described Bieber as a cross-over artist.

“Bieber has crossed the color boundaries the same way that hip-hop has crossed the boundaries the other way for a number of years,” said Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Music Programing and Specials.

I have to agree.  I haven’t seen anything like Biebermania in a loooooooong time.   He owns Twitter…litterally.  He’s always a trending topic.  And if counting sheep doesn’t put you to sleep, try counting the number of Bieber profiles on Twiter.  For example, there’s BieberLuvsMe, BieberIsMyLife, BieberisGod, and the profile list goes on and on and on.  You can pretty much guess a verb and an adjective and add Bieber’s name to it and I’m sure a profile will pop up.  That’s pretty much what I did for my examples and then I went back and checked and yep they are valid profiles.  The dude is that huge!  All of my little cousins and my little sister love the dude.  And I’m sure that when considering the nominations for this award, BET definitely thought about the ratings.  If I was a betting man, I would definitely bet that this year’s award show will be the most watched awards show for the network by far and Bieber will be the reason behind it.

“He’s had rhythm in his music,” said Hill. “He makes the type of music our audience likes.”

Bieber was signed to a music label with the help of Usher, who drew a nomination for best male R&B artist.

Bieber will be competing against Melanie Fiona, Young Money, Nicki Minaj, and Wale for the prize.

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