crunk with a twist

Oh Hell Naww!!!

THE JIGGA GIRL Photos of a girl that looks like JAY Z been circulating the net like crazy has been put to a stop. She has had the English Police order blogs and website to remove the photo.
Once was a good laugh now seemed to be a real disturbance to her everyday life. This is the email sent to
(This is the actual email – the grammar errors are not from me ).

I guess it would be in poor taste to post her picture if you haven’t seen it . Just picture Jay-Z will long hair and slimmer

This blog contains an unauthorised picture of myself put on your website. I have been in contact with English Police, my Solicitors and the Fraud investigation Team to see how my pictuew has ended up on nearly every website in the US.

This is an invasion of privacy and a serious crime. I demand for these pictures and comments to be taken down as it is causing great distress and interuption in my life.

To have hacked or copied somebodies page and then put pictues up of them and have people mocking them is internet bullying.

I demand for this blog to be removed as i have with other websites i have been told this picture is on and, they have gratefully removed it.

I am in talks with my solicitor about to take further action, if once requested this picture is not removed.

Please be aware this is a serious incident and which i will not let go until it has been resolved. Please contact me once this has been removed.

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