Top 10 of Who Should Call It Quits in HipHop.

This is a Top 10 list of rappers and rap groups that should just hang that shit up. They have over stayed their welcome and they fail to realize that they are immature lyrically. Time to grow up. Better yet just call it quits man!

Number 10 0n this list is Cassidy. Look man you never made a hot album. You refuse to acknowledge that no one will sign you. The streets don’t love you anymore. Your mix tapes ain’t cutting it and Swiss is going to stop wasting his beats on you. HANG THAT SHIT UP.

Number 9 on this list is one of my favorites. It pains me to say it but Busta Rhymes has to call it quits. Flip Mode flopped, you are a decent actor, and you are running out of time to put out a nice album. HANG THAT SHIT UP! AND STOP YELLING FLIP MODE LIKE THAT SHIT IS LEGIT.

Number 8 on this list will piss some of you off. But what the hell that is what I do. Number 8 The Lox. I am sorry these dudes are getting to old to be rapping about the same shit. They try and try and try, but that shit never amounts to anything. Sorry homies HANG THAT SHIT UP.

Number 7 on this list covers a whole label. Any rapper ever signed to the Roc(excluding Jay and Kanye only because they are still making music) … Which includes Memphis Bleek, Nore, Killa cam, Dipset, Beanie, Freeway, State Property etc.. You guys are passed your prime. HANG THAT SHIT UP AND STAY OUT OF JAIL. STOP TRYING. Memphis you were passed your prime after Reasonable Doubt.

Number 6 on this list is Sean Puffy Combs. His mama named him Puffy, I ma call him Puffy. Puffy needs to stop that dumb shit. 40 something year old man dancing in videos and shit. WTF! Look Puff, your label sucks, you keep trying to make a band without instruments. You jerk everybody that you sign and you putting hair color in your top piece. HANG THAT SHIT UP!

Number 5 on this list is Nelly. You over man. You making money from Apple Bottoms, go ahead and call it quits. You should have learned from everyone else, you can not take a break from hip hop because that shit will change up on your ass. Grow up dude and put your shirt on. Ride off into the sunset because it is time to HANG THAT SHIT UP! What The F@ck ! this dude looks like Ginuwine with Tie Tee Why Tees on.

Number 4 on this list is Lil Kim. You lost us when you changed your nose. Then you put out an album every 7 years. And finally, your plastic ass was on Dancing With the Stars. Doing some Happy Days or Grease shit. Look here shorty, HANG THAT SHIT UP. You not gangsta. This chick looks like the female gremlin from the Gremlins 2.

Number 3 on this list is anyone from the Wu Tang Clan. Ghost we love you, but sometimes we have no damn clue what the hell you talking about. Ray your skills fell off the face of the Earth after Built 4 Cuban Links. Method, you too are a decent actor, but you made a T. V show that was wack ass shit and you was a snake ass dude on the Wire. As for the rest of the Wu, your time has passed like the comets you guys spoke of on your album in 97. HANG THAT SHIT UP! P.S RZA CUT THAT SHIT OFF YOUR HEAD. Receding Hair line with a ponytail. WTF!

Number 2 on the list could and might possibly be number 1 in some of your eyes. Number 2 is Fat Joe. That’s right Joey Crack. Joey you get an E for effort, but an F for Fucking wack. You are like 50 years old and you still rapping about dumb shit. Your albums fail horribly, your crew hates you, you are aways making references to boxers in your verses. You keep jumping from crew to crew just to get on the next hot album. You are the Michael Finley of Hip Hop. Your old as hell and don’t want to quite quit. Look, HANG THAT SHIT UP!. IT IS OVER LIKE YOUR WEIGHT. P.S Like Busta Bust, you keep yelling out your crew Terror Squad, but you the only member. WTF! Grow up Man. That is what is wrong with hip hop you, guys don’t want to grow the fuck up.

NUMBER 1 ON THIS LIST 50 CENT AND G.G.G.G UNIT. 50 YOU are a Millionaire talking street shit. Lloyd Banks your shit is wack . Tony Yayo (Yeah, I had to take the bold letters off when talking about him) your flow is the worst thing since FEMA’S response to the Bayou. 50 you have a great gimmick. You made millions of dollars, but your albums and your swag are WACK! HANG, HANG HANG, HANG THAT SHIT UP. YOUR OVER! PROVE ME WRONG.

Honorable Mention: LL Cool J! He is an all-time great, he could not and should not make the list. But that clothing line at Sears, almost Todd, almost. But legends get a pass. Foxy Brown! She stayed away from the spot light and her disability kept her off the list. Remy Ma! A Prison term cut her career short. But if she did not go to jail she would have been on the list. Ludacris! He is almost there. Chris know when to make an exit. The curtains closing soon. Any and all rappers from Houston. When we really look back at it Mike Jones Really…Slim Thug Really…. Lil Flip Really… Scarface is a legend because of them he is guilty by association. Scarface please don’t make another album. Jim Jones! The rest of his crew is done, but Jimmy might have a few more songs in him. Fabolous was very close to making the Top Ten list and Baby from Cash Money is another one who I consider done. And last but not least, THE GAME. This dude doing tax commercials, no one likes him, his songs are wack and the true reason he didn’t make the list is…… Hold I love the Lox, typo you all can move THE GAME TO NUMBER 8. Hence removing the Lox and putting them in Honorable Mention. Let me not forget Soulja Boy Tell’em. That is the dumbest name in hip hop.

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