Kat Stacks Smack Attack: Fact or Fiction?

Here we go again. The walking drama that is Kat Stacks is back on the scene, this time as the victim of a smack down, all caught on tape.

The not-quite-famous self-proclaimed Queen of All Media & all-around Hip Hop whore extraordinaire can be seen on grainy cell phone footage being slapped around by some thug. He bitch slaps her, asks her why she’s been disrespecting his boy, pimp slaps her and tries to force her to apologize to Fab (one would assume he’s referring to Fabolous) and then to Bow Wow.

Now, I mentioned in my first Kat Stack story that I fell into her web, in part, because I read about the abuse she’s suffered at the hands of previous boyfriends. I’ve watched my mother get beaten when I was a child, and I immediately felt sympathy for her. That sympathy was short-lived when I came across some information that seemed to prove that all her blasting was bluster—just some shit she concocted with the blessing of the rappers she was putting on blast to keep them and herself in the public eye. This incident would appear to take things to a whole new level.

Is Fabolous really sending his thugs after her, or could this all be part of an elaborate hoax. Well, she came out of it unscathed. Kat herself mentioned on her twitter account that the attack did no physical damage. When the attack began Kat hunkered down between two stools, against the bar where she had been sitting—the type of reaction you might expect from a woman who’s suffered abuse before. But that could just mean she’s using her personal experiences to make the ruse more believable. I wouldn’t put it past her. She might have been thinking, That shit made Snooki famous, why not me?

It’s hard to say, really. If it is genuine, I hope she would press assault charges, something I don’t believe she’s done, yet. And why didn’t anybody interfere? It’s not acceptable for dude to hit a woman. I know I wouldn’t have let that go down without saying something. If it’s staged, it’s a terrible way to exploit the physical abuse of women. If it’s ever proven to be faked she’ll lose all the credibility & sympathy she’s gotten, so far.

Either way, Kat Stacks is right where she wants to be, again: all over the internet and among the top trending topics on twitter. She seems to be able to get our attention just as we’re losing interest.

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