The Return of The “F”ing Hate List! UNCUT RAW!!!!!

Today’s Hate List is brought to you by the my ignorant ass. Here is the Hate List!

1. I hate White people that say all Black and Hispanic people look alike. I hate Black people that say all White and Hispanic people look alike. I hate Hispanic people. I hate that no one ever says that all people with Down Syndrome look alike regardless of race.

2. I hate people that walk up to the drive thru window at a restaurant or the drive thru ATM. I hate when they stand behind a car like that shit is normal.

3. I hate that the drive thru ATM machine has braille on the buttons. What kind of Sh!t is that!

4. I hate when my thighs rub together. I feel like less than a man.

5. I hate people that still don’t cover their mouth when they cough.

6. Speaking of cornrows and locks, I hate seeing white people with them. I don’t care I don’t like it. And I hate seeing Fro Hawks. I hate seeing someone in the beginning stages of growing locks or cornrows. It looks like lil roaches.

7. I hate my Gas and Electric Bill.

8. I hate to see the ads with the children who have cleft lips.

Now you know how I feel.

9. I hate when some brings a baby up to me and the only that I can find cute on the baby is the outfit. “Oooh what a cute….OUTFIT?”

10. I hate people that spend their income tax checks on dumb shit. i.e televisions, cars that will get repossed, and going shopping. I also hate people that pawn their children off during tax time.

11. I hate dramatic ass people that bang their fist into their other hand or clap their hands together, when they talk. Like they are really getting their point across. “yo! (clap) that (clap) dude (clap) just (clap) got (clap) locked (clap) up (multiple claps)

12. I hate going to a public pool in a black neighborhood. Looks like N!gger Soup.

ok that went to far. But I missed doing this.

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