Is Brett Favre Finished?

Brett Favre entered his 20th NFL season with much to prove. After another off-season of speculation, he finally confirmed in August that he would be back with the Vikings to honor the second year of his two-year contract. He did so without much preparation; Favre entered into his 20th NFL season with little more preparation than a few casual passes and an ankle surgery.

His pre-season showing was underwhelming, with a 63 completion percentage for 200 yd and no touchdowns. His performance was also telling: his statistics included 2 interceptions, which, even more so than his inability to throw touchdowns, has plagued him during the regular season.

On the field, Brett Favre has not only looked old, but out of sync, confused and at times downright pathetic. He has yet to have an impressive game or show that he is the same Favre who last year came within one interception of the Superbowl. Each game sees his career interception number rise, instead of touchdowns or yards passing. To compound the situation, his off the field passes are now coming to light, including allegations from one or more women that he called or texted them from hotel rooms and was involved with them while away from his wife of 11 years, Deanna. While none of the women have spoken on the record, and Favre himself has not released an official statement, the NFL is “investigating” the situation which would possibly lead to his suspension if found in breach NFL code of conduct policy.

While he did just pass the 500 touchdown pass mark, it seems a dim light at the top of the ditch Favre has dug himself in. More media outlets are discussing his personal problems than his professional accomplishments. As the quarterback for a team that is 1-3 and a far third in their division (the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are ranked first and second, respectively), one has to wonder if it is really worth it for Favre to continue a season in which he could potentially sit out several games.

There is no doubt that Favre came back in 2010 for a chance to kiss the Vince Lombardi trophy one last time. Instead, he could be kissing his career, his legacy, and even his marriage, goodbye.

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