Kanye’s Caught With His Pants Down

Kanye West's Naked Pics may hit the netEver since the invention of cameras, man had exactly the tool that was needed to capture certain moments in time in an effortlessly manner. Man were able to turn from literally drawing out a family portrait to now being able to capture multiple shots and provide them on 5×7’s and 10×8’s. The camera is one invention that truly changed the world.

Ever since the invention of the cellular phone, man has had the freedom to communicate practically from anywhere on the planet. There’s nothing better than being able to hike miles and miles away from home and have the ability to contact someone in case of emergency. The cell phone was another one of those kind of inventions that has changed the world.

Then came the invention of the camera phone…bad idea for some. Take Kanye for example. It looks like Kanye has taken a page out of Brett Favre’s playbook.

Kanye West has been embarrassingly caught with his pants down in a nude photo scandal, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned. The self-snapped pictures of the music icon, showing his private parts, were reportedly sent to a number of women, and are now for sale and being shopped to various media outlets. RadarOnline.com has seen the two images – both of which leave little to the imagination.

One image shows a nude Kanye from the chest up, wearing sunglasses and a gold chain, while the second photo shows the singer’s genitals provocatively exposed from his boxer briefs. “These pics have been floating around since he hit so many girls up on MySpace,” according to the source of the images.

“He probably sent them to many, many women.”

Celebrities will never learn.

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