I Breathe This – Episode 1 “Meet the Crew”

Three childhood friends choose different paths to assure they avoid the pitfalls of the projects and have a chance at a successful future. Cory, the ladies man, opts for College to pursue an education and escape the iron rule of his father. Derek, an aspiring rapper, dreams of becoming a star and Smokes, a drug dealer, is always looking for the grand hustle that will make him wealthy. Directed by Larry Spivey, and stars Omar Knight, Chris Lee, and Jason Rivera.
I Breathe This Episode 1

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I Breathe This – Episode 9 “You Buggin’ Out”

After the previous night's fiasco, Derek tries to get to the bottom of Smokes dramatic episode at the show. When Cory and his father have a huge falling out Cory is forced to ask Smokes for financial support but it doesn't come without a price. Smokes begins to show his true colors during a night of hanging out.
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I Breathe This – Episode 10 “Who Needs Who?”

Derek is finally given an opportunity to shine in the studio but his light is quickly dimmed by Smokes' egotistical ways. Cory confronts Smokes about Shameka. Derek is forced to make a critical decision after finally realizing Smokes is spiraling down a destructive path. Cory is pressured into being someone he is not.