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I Breathe This – Episode 11 “Turned Up”

Now that Derek is gone Smokes struggles trying to create a hit for his new album. After feeling the pressure from his label Smokes takes drastic measures to try and save his career in hip hop. Cory Convinces Shameka to forgive him and come over for a visit but Smokes has other plans. After Smokes' new song debut shit gets extra crazy for the crew. This is the climatic build up to the last episode of the season.
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I Breathe This – Episode 10 “Who Needs Who?”

Derek is finally given an opportunity to shine in the studio but his light is quickly dimmed by Smokes' egotistical ways. Cory confronts Smokes about Shameka. Derek is forced to make a critical decision after finally realizing Smokes is spiraling down a destructive path. Cory is pressured into being someone he is not.
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I Breathe This – Episode 9 “You Buggin’ Out”

After the previous night's fiasco, Derek tries to get to the bottom of Smokes dramatic episode at the show. When Cory and his father have a huge falling out Cory is forced to ask Smokes for financial support but it doesn't come without a price. Smokes begins to show his true colors during a night of hanging out.
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I Breathe This – Episode 7 “Outta Here!”

Cory and Shameka become an item as they romantically get closer. Derek puts two & two together about Smokes' method of getting money for the completion of his demo. Derek reluctantly continues with their plan and Smokes becomes an instant success using Derek's words.
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I Breathe This – Episode 5 “It’s Real Now!”

Cory vents to Smokes about his father not supporting his college ambitions and Smokes gives his opinion on the situation. Derek establishes himself as a dope rapper while in prison. After a night out of trying to make some money, the tables are ironically turned in Smokes favor. He also comes to terms with the fact that working for Tykim is no longer a good look.
I Breathe This – Episode 3
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I Breathe This – Episode 3 “Derek’s Loyalty”

Derek is about to go away for a little while, but tries rationalizing to Smokes for him to change his ways to which Smokes says he'll take his words into consideration. Corey is a little upset at the way things went down between Smokes and Derek, but things may be looking up for him in his personal life as he receives some good news of his own.
I Breathe This Episode 1
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I Breathe This – Episode 1 “Meet the Crew”

Three childhood friends choose different paths to assure they avoid the pitfalls of the projects and have a chance at a successful future. Cory, the ladies man, opts for College to pursue an education and escape the iron rule of his father. Derek, an aspiring rapper, dreams of becoming a star and Smokes, a drug dealer, is always looking for the grand hustle that will make him wealthy.Directed by Larry Spivey, and stars Omar Knight, Chris Lee, and Jason Rivera.