I Breathe This – Episode 6 “Power Move”

Derek begins to get the hang of this jail thing especially with his new found celebrity. Cory meets the girl of his dreams. After Smokes confronts Tykim he makes a decision to ask Derek for a super big favor; but Derek has his doubts.

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I Breathe This – Episode 5 “It’s Real Now!”

Cory vents to Smokes about his father not supporting his college ambitions and Smokes gives his opinion on the situation. Derek establishes himself as a dope rapper while in prison. After a night out of trying to make some money, the tables are ironically turned in Smokes favor. He also comes to terms with the fact that working for Tykim is no longer a good look.
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I Breathe This – Episode 9 “You Buggin’ Out”

After the previous night's fiasco, Derek tries to get to the bottom of Smokes dramatic episode at the show. When Cory and his father have a huge falling out Cory is forced to ask Smokes for financial support but it doesn't come without a price. Smokes begins to show his true colors during a night of hanging out.