5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Quit Your Job

We’ve all been there before or we’re currently going through it now. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Those times when thoughts of greener pastures on the job front run throughout your mind. Sometimes those thoughts are warranted and sometimes they’re not.

I’m not telling people to quit their jobs for no reason with this post. I’m one of those “if you can work, you should work” kind of people, but sometimes the jig is up for whatever reason and you need to move on.

Now on to the list…

1.) You don’t make enough money

Now I know that all of us believe we are underpaid, but sometimes we are clearly getting the T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili treatment. If you are considering getting on welfare because the income would be comparable, you need a new job. If you went to school for an online mba program and got a degree, yet know janitors getting paid more than you, your student loan servicers need for you to get a new job. And if you pay so much to get to work that when it’s lunch time you don’t have enough money to buy McDonalds, you definitely need a new job. This isn’t a slave ship, and we all deserve to get compensated fairly. Except for you, head of BET- YOU need to start paying US for the embarrassment you cause us in your “job.”

2.) You slept with a coworker

I am all for office love, in the movies. If you are playing the part for a fat check then more power to you, otherwise LEAVE THAT ISH ALONE! Do you know what the best part of a bad relationship or booty call is? The part when you can just walk away, and bask in the afterglow or mull over the lessons learned. That person is gone, so you are able to think clearly about what went right and wrong. But when that person is in your face every day and there’s nowhere to run? When everyone from the accounting staff to the VP has heard about how you like it rough or how you cheated or how you cried in bed? That’s the kind of headache you don’t need, especially when you already have a crazy boss. Speaking of which….

3.) Your boss is a psycho

This is a lose-lose situation. You are miserable at work, and your boss probably will never quit because who else would take them? If your company has upper management that would make Naomi Campbell look like Mother Teresa then run. You don’t need a shoe thrown at your head- then again if you’re broke because your job is cheap then take that Gucci heel and pawn it.

4.) You have been at your job for 20 years

This is not 1955. Companies have about as much loyalty to us as radio stations had to Chris Brown. They will let you wake up, get dressed, commute, and walk in the front door before realizing your swipe card doesn’t work anymore. Now that’s just cold, at least tell me at the end of the day when a good happy hour has started. What am I going to do now- get breakfast? I can’t afford McDonalds you cheap —-!

5.) You think about Quitting EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Your Facebook status is always quotes from Office Space. You talk about how you need to start networking so you can get a new job. You talk about how you need to go back to school so you can get a new job. You imagine how you will wake up in the morning with a new job and finally not sit around waiting for life to begin. Well guess what? Life is now and if you are not living the life you want then nobody can change it except for you. Now go out there and actually finish those applications.

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