The Speaker Box Presents Underground Act of the Month: J_Bricks

Give this man his chance and he'll tear the door off its hinges.

Throughout my journey in the music industry, I find that the greatest passion for music comes from those at its doorstep. Patiently waiting to be heard and not hesitating to bang the door of its hinges, with their music and fans. J Bricks is no different. He like so many hungry artist deserve their chance at their dreams. He just happens to manage this while attending school and as a reserve member of the armed forces. Check out his interview and mixtape below, worth the listen.

So why do they call you J Bricks?

Well the name j_bricks is a combination of the first letter of my last name and bricks. Which to me represents strength and structure. For example in the 3 little pigs story, the brick house was the only one left standing after taking a pounding by the big bad wolf. {Which in my case is my life}.

Ok, so you been at this music for a bit now, how do you make time for it while in school?

To be honest it’s pretty hard. My academics do have over all priority in my life. but i do find time to write & scribble down thoughts in a journal which i carry with me everywhere. When i need a spot to record or just to relax i use my personal set-up or stop by local studio’s like Lay Lo’s, my college FAMU’s studio, or a fellow recording artist Kash Poitier’s recording studio.

What first got you into Hip-Hop?

I wasn’t a big hip hop fan at first. I was a Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston fan. Hip Hop grew on me. Artist & groups like NWA, Geto boys, Snoop, Tupac, & Biggie got me listening. I didn’t start rapping until 7th grade. It was because of my fallen friend Ronald who use to take my poetry and rap them out. Then I into freestyle battling on South Flordia’s Hip Hop pirated stations like 89.1 94.5fm & more under the name Chrome. Shout out to DJ Kosta, DJ Rock & Sock, and DJ Mark t for giving me the opportunity to showcase my talents.

A lot of people don’t know this but you actually served a tour in Iraq, how did that experience impact your music?

It impact my music by forcing me to stop taking life for granted. While in Iraq, I promised God if he let me live I would take this talent he blessed me with and do something positive with my life and for my community. Currently I’m in college on GI Bill majoring in Music Industry Studies. Your looking at the next Russell Simmons Urbantwist.

I got a chance to listen to “Evolution in Progress”, you have some tracks that sympathize and aim towards the ladies, especially the track “Quick N Painless”, where did that emotion come from?

The track quick & painless is actually based on a true story. I wrote because i was frustrated after one of my female friends on Facebook hit me up to tell me she was rapped. See when i was young, my sister was rapped and I saw how that affected her in a negative way. So when the young lady from Facebook hit me up it brought back memories. So i tried to put my feet in their shoes and feel their pain, which i feel most rappers don’t. They just quick to call female b!tches and h*es and not mothers and sisters. We gotta stop that fellas. We need to up lift our women and treat them like the queens they are. *Side note to my fellow rappers its the ladies that buy the music and make us hot, not the fellas.

You also had some tracks geared towards other subjects, what would you say is the subject you find most inspiration from?

I would have to say the song “last hope”… which is a remix to an old Kardinal Official song. That song was written the day another friend of mines was murdered. I started to feel hopeless like the world was crashing down on me. I felt like I had one last hope. The last hope for my family to eat, and also the last hope for my town Broward County. I don’t feel we are where we need to be on the hip hop or musical map, besides Marilyn Manson who sold millions of records and has awards. No diss towards other rappers before me. You guys paved the way but the road to the top is not complete.

You have a track on the mixtape called “My Life” which also features Black Dada, how did that collabo came about?

That track is actually a funny story…that song came about by my brother Joel who co-wrote the hook with Black Dada. My brother who can’t rap, laid some rap vocals which were off beat but had pain in it. He said “bro you can have the song you know i can’t rap” lol. Black Dada(Strictly Business/Universal Republic) never charge me for multiple features which I have with him we are cool. Met him in 2007 before the deal and we both just had the same love for music so we’d just record together. Dude mad talented. The song depicts events in my life that were troubling and my state of paranoia. It also features a female artist name “Lil Bitt’ Parkah” who has major potential, so be on the look out for her single “Lock You Down”

Is there any other artist that you would like to work with?

Yes, I would like to spit a few bars alongside Lupe, J. Cole, Big Krit… i also wouldn’t mind working with a few r&b, pop, rock or artist from any genre. I just love music period. I don’t limit myself with ways i can reach a listener.

Being that you came from a Haitian heritage, what would you say J Bricks brings to the table other than Wyclef, Papa Duck, and Haitian Fresh?

First I have to say Wyclef is an icon and i respect what he has done not only for hip hop but for Haiti. There can never be another Wyclef Jean just like there can never be another Edonel Jean {my real name}. I feel like i bring a lot to the table because I am a go getter. I don’t take hand out’s from anyone so I’m very prideful. I have Haiti’s coat of arms tatted on me so that i never forget my heritage. One day i plan to build schools and orphanages in haiti in my grandmothers and mother name. I ran into papa duck a few years back and he was very cool.

Who is the Brave Squad?

Well Brave Squad is a squad of people who i associate myself with. It consist of me {j_bricks}, my little brother {Elie jean} & a friend who goes by the name of White Shoez aka D-Nyce. We are currently working on our group mixtape which will be out later this year titled “Lyrics Vs Swag”. The date is TBA and the hosting dj will be a big surprise. Thats all im going to say.

So where do you see yourself 5 years from now in your career?

Successful & somewhere in a suit or behind the boards. Was that a good enough answer?

In a industry where a lot of artist are going independent, rather than to a major label, where do you stand?

Independent but with major distribution. I don’t want to give labels control over how my music sounds or who i can work with. If i do sign a major deal that will be some of the things in my contract that i won’t have issues with.

Any words for your prospective fans?

yeah… to my fans or upcoming fans thanks for the support and love. I’m going to keep bringing you the music you’ve come to expect from me and my brand. I promise never to half step a verse or rush an album. I promise to try and write all you guys back. I promise never to forget why i am here, and where I am. It’s all because of you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Now sit back and witness “evolution in progress” signed J underscore bricks {J_bricks}

How can they get in touch with you?

I’m always online so hit me up these’s sites
or email me
If u have skype add me jbricksmusic

J Bricks’ “Evolution in Progress”, available for download HERE!!

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