Meet GREAT SCOTT & His Latest Creation

A review of the book: "The Online Diaries of Folklore" and a brief interview with the 25 year old author, Great Scott.

Scott D. McKenzie aka Great Scott’s “The Online Diaries of Folklore“, exposes the true power of believing in oneself. He recaps his life from being a “fly on the wall” as a child in The Booga Basement studio with The Fugees, to a young adult skipping college to go on and work for companies like XXL, VIBE, and BBC Ice Cream, to starting his own business at the age of 24. The book has a down to earth presence that is relatable to young and old people everywhere. Not just a story about how he’s accomplished all this at such a young age, he also provides genuine instructions on how readers can get on the path to success as well. A fairly short and easy read that will leave you with BIG and long-lasting inspiration. Now at the ripe age of 25, a mogul, consigliere, & published author…it seems he’s done it all… but this is just the beginning for him. Meet Great Scott…


Who is Great Scott?

Hello Young world, my real name is Scott D. McKenzie. I nicknamed myself GREAT SCOTT because I always wanted to be greater than my father Scott. Hence the name Great Scott.

What inspired you to write this book? The people. Twitter & Facebook. I’ll find inspiration from any & everywhere, but quotes is my signature & the people love em’.

What ONE thought do you hope people walk away with after reading your book? To live the life you wanna live, because the reality is if you can predict your future… what’s the point of living it? Just go with the flow of life. Get what you want today. LIVE FOR TODAY.

The book itself epitomizes inspiration and has endless inspirational life quotes. What is your all-time favorite inspirational life quote? “BELIEVE YOUR BELIEFS & DOUBT YOUR DOUBTS, BUT NEVER BELIEVE YOUR DOUBTS & NEVER DOUBT YOUR BELIEFS.”

What are some of your most prided accomplishments to date? Too many. Being on stage with Pharrell & N.E.R.D. at Madison Square Garden was so amazing… & I have no film or pictures of that night. Being with Kanye, Beyonce… & sitting at the dinner table with some of the people I admire. Those moments rock. & Meeting Russell Simmons on my 24th Birthday!

In your book, you talk about NOT going to college. What is your take on higher education? To each their own. I don’t respect what this country has turned education into. It’s a business. They don’t care whether you win or lose. “Just give me $100,000 & be in debt for the rest of your life.” It’s just as bad as credit cards. It’s a scam, to me. My opinion… Not a fact.

What is a typical day like for Great Scott? UNPREDICTABLE.

If you could have a Super Power, what would it be and why? Ummmmm…. HEALING… I like to make people feel better.

Last, but not least… Why do you think people should go get a copy of your book? Because it helps with self improvement & finding better knowledge of self which people lack. I teach how to become spiritually wealthy before you can ever become financially wealthy. WEALTH IS IN THE HEART & MIND, NOT THE POCKET.


So, what are you waiting for? Buy his book here.

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