Valentine’s Day Edition: What Men Really Think

Ever wonder what guys really thought about the opposite sex? Get the scoop from 6 real life men and find out what’s hot and what’s not.

We’ve always wanted to know what men really thought about women. What makes us attractive? Should we text first? Do they like makeup? Is it okay if we smoke?  Well, now we have some answers. Meet Brian, Jackson, Drew, Kevin, Rob, & Ike…they are here to keep it real… Finally.

Okay first thing’s first, tell us a little bit about yourself:

Brian (25): My name is Brian, I am 25, I live in NYC. I work in Finance and I’m an Entrepreneur. I am half Puerto Rican, half White and I enjoy doing anything physical.

Jackson (25): I’m Black y’all, I’m Black!  My name is Dr. J … of course, that’s a pen name.  I’m 25 until further notice and I live in Washington, DC.  I’m a writer; blogger and print.  I’m mostly known for my work at and  In terms of what I love to do the most, there’s one thing about men from DC, we just love to sit around talking ish.

Drew (30): My name is Drew, I am 30, I live in Delray Beach FL. I am Jamaican, Syrian, & German. I am the founder of the Tucker academy for the arts; a private music school with campuses in Parkland and Delray beach Florida. I am a live and studio musician as well as a speaker.

Kevin (27): My name is Kevin, I am 27, I live in Manhattan. I am an Investment Consultant, I am Chinese, and I enjoy playing and watching basketball.

Rob (27): I’m Rob, I’m 27 and I’m the co-owner of LadyUmbrella, which is a new ladies t-shirt brand. I’m currently in Dublin, Ireland and I’m Irish. One thing I enjoy doing is watching some good old UFC.

Ike (24): My name is Ike and I am 24 years old, I am Black and Italian. I teach and live in Center City Philadelphia. I have 40 kids and no baby mamas, they are also known as my students. When I am not teaching I am in the gym or playing basketball.  If I am not in the gym I am doing my grad work to become a Principal. Oh yeah, I love to party too.

What do you find MOST attractive about a woman?

Brian (25): Eyes, they are what catch my overall attention.

Jackson (25): Her eyes.  I can look into a woman’s eyes and see her soul.  It’s important that her eyes be attractive.  If they are, then

I’m hooked forever.

Drew (30): Symmetry.

Kevin (27): Looks, alongside an elegant aura.

Rob (27): For some reason I’ve always had a thing for eyes, something about them – windows to the soul and all that jazz.

Ike (24): Nationalities attract me to women. When I have to ask myself what Nationality is that girl? -It’s an instant attraction for me. Also, how motivated and ambitious women are.

What do you consider to be a complete turn-off for a woman to do?

Brian (25): Complain or cry. Crying is pretty bad.

Jackson (25): Answer questions I didn’t ask her on the first date.  Examples include: “I’m not sleeping with you.”  “I hope you don’t expect me to…”  “You remind me of…”

Drew (30): Smoking.

Kevin (27): Being fake, materialistic, and insensitive.

Rob (27): To be insanely self conscious and not able to go with the flow.

Ike (24): A women who does not clean their car, house, or room and smokes.

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