The 6 Most Likely Artists to Hold Beyonce’s Crown While She’s Pregnant

With her being pregnant, Beyonce’s going to have to go away for a while. Who’s best in line to take her spot at the top?

The first thing that we want to tell all Beyoncé fans is to notice the word “Hold” in the title.  We know that Beyoncé fans can be a little animated and get very vocal (which we like) with their opinions, but in no way do we think that at this current time that Beyoncé is going to lose her crown anytime soon.  However…

With Beyoncé recently announcing to the world her pregnancy and how she may very well likely take some time off to focus on family, she’s leaving the door open at the top for someone to possibly come in and take her position even though it may only be temporary.

We’re sure that there are several R & B vixens in the game right now licking their chops and priming themselves to be in position for when the day comes that Beyoncé walks away to take care of Jigga Jr. or Jigganette.

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