Tyra Banks Shares The Importance Of Getting School’ed


Tyra Banks is definitely more than a serious and often agitated face that schools contestants a thing or two about modeling on her show America’s Next Top Model just because she owns the show and could definitely get away with it, for she herself knows the importance of learning and education.

Amid the fame that being a supermodel showered her with starting at age 13, the endless cat walks she walked along around the world and not to mention her celebrity status that continues to flourish with her self- produced shows and beauty cosmetic lines, she’s about to finish her degree at Harvard Business School this upcoming February.


She joined as a partner of an organization named Get Schooled which aims to improve the quality of education in the Bronx, NY. The organization  specifically targets the growth in number of high school graduates,  their readiness to get to college or their chances to get to college, and their diligence to attend their classes.

In fact, Tyra Banks joined in to congratulate a high school under the Get Schooled attendance challenge that improved students’ overall attendance by 4%.

After the program, Tyra Banks was interviewed by omg! and she discussed portions of her own high school life. She shared her love for uniforms and how she was thankful because it saved her the trouble of having to think about what to wear every single day. She also felt fortunate that the uniforms that her high school offered had several ones to choose from, from culottes, to skirts, choosing blue or yellow and so on.

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Tyra Banks also gave advice to young girls who are currently having issues towards their weight and features. She gave the advice of looking in the mirror and finding a specific feature that a girl likes about herself and then make it stand out and beautify it. For instance, putting mascara on a girl’s already long eyelashes to make it pop more or putting red nail polish on a girl’s nice and long fingers.