Why Rappers Shouldn’t Use Real Crack in Their Music Videos

Some people will never learn.  A rap crew used real crack in their music video and as a…

Some people will never learn.  A rap crew used real crack in their music video and as a result may now be facing up to life in prison as a result of it.  So why did they use real crack instead of sugar, flour or some other white powdery substance that isn’t crack?  Well it appears that the crew was running a massive drug ring and had a lot of crack on hand to use…and so they used it.

As foolish as that may sound, they did and now may be paying the price for that idiocy.

As reported by TMJ4:

TODAY’S TMJ4 reports it took authorities several years to track these drug suspects and now – they’re behind bars.

US Attorney James Santelle says, “This is a very significant investigation and a very important prosecution.”

Investigators say they’ve arrested 12 men and woman who helped run the operation, including Latoya Brown, Michael Wilson and Earl Williams, junior.

Two other suspects are still at large: Cedric Greer and Larry Hooker.

Law enforcement sources tells TODAY’S TMJ4 the cast of this YouTube video — are some of the same people named in a federal indictment.

The stars — “L Boog” and “Eazy” — are known to the feds as Larry Hooker and Earl Willams.

A team of federal and local law enforcement pulled back the curtain on their investigation Thursday, charging Williams, Hooker and 12 other people for their roles in an elaborate cocaine ring.

In their YouTube video “Trap House Money” — they wave wads of cash and flash expensive jewelry, and they are seen cooking cocaine into their drug of choice — crack.

Items that are now listed in the federal indictment — as confiscated property.

As for the star of this show — Larry “L Boog” Hooker is still on the loose, but the feds hope someone this flamboyant — won’t be hard to find.

“Law enforcement is presently pursuing leads and efforts to bring them to custody,” says U.S. Attorney Santelle. He went on to say they, “pooled their monies in quantities to purchase and obtain large quantities of cocaine.”

The east side-based gang then distributed their cocaine all over southeastern Wisconsin.

Santelle added it was, “everything from ounce amounts to half kilo amounts.”

Prosecutors say the crew then used that money to lead lavish lifestyles, complete with luxury cars, expensive guns and custom-made jewelry.

Authorities think they have a solid case, and they have a warning for gang members who are still out there.

Patrick Mitchell of the Milwaukee Police Department has this message, “I promise you one thing and I pledge you one thing. Your violent acts will bring us into your neighborhood.”

If convicted these suspects could get anywhere from ten years to life in prison.

Check out the music video below that got them all arrested.

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