This Is How The Future Will Look, According To IBM 5-in-5

IBM have launched the anual IBM 5-in-5 predictions that predict what big scientific advancements may take place over the next five years.

In what reads like a script from a sci-fi movie, IBM have launched their sixth annual IBM 5-in-5 predictions in what they call a list of innovations that have the potential to change the way people work, live and interact during the next five years. Focusing on the technologies that have both a practical as well as mass market application, these are the five IBM 5-in-5 predictions.

People power

This is to mean scientists will be able to finally harness practically the kinetic energy we all generate as we move around. Whether its walking, jogging, or working, the energy generated by movement and the generation of heat can be captured and stored and used to power gadgets, houses and other electrical appliances like electric grills.

No more 12345 passwords

This may be the most famous password because people are simply no good when it comes to coming up with passwords. This is also made worse by the fact that in this connected world we live in now, we have to grapple with at least five passwords or more. Well, according to IBM 5-in-5 predictions, this will be no more because in the future, everything will be opened using biometric readers. This means there will be optical scanners, fingerprint readers, etc. to unlock your email, account and even withdraw money at the ATM.

Hello Mind Reading

That’s right, IBM predict that in five years, scientists will be able to read your mind, that is, interpret the brain waves that flow through your mind. They say this could be important in understanding brain disorders as well as in treating memory loss. What’s more, IBM 5-in-5 predicts that it will be possible to connect your gadgets to your mind (wirelessly) and allow you to make phone calls or write and send text messages just by thinking it. They also say you will be able to type text into a computer just by thinking it (the best we have now is speech-to-text synthesisers).

The Great Equalization

The fourth IBM 5-in-5 claims that over time, the difference between the haves and the have-nots in terms of access to information will decrease so dramatically that it will cease to be an issue. IBM predict that owing to the proliferation of mobile phones across the world, access to information will reach the poor in much the same quantity as it does the rich and this will have a knock-on effect of allowing the poor to do much more with the little they have.

Spam Assassins? Retired.

Yes, spam will stop being spam, after all. This interesting prediction, which I’m sure is close very many people’s hearts, presumes that over time, spam filters will become so good at what they do that there will virtually be no more spam in your email and if something does land in your spam folder, it will probably be by mistake.

So those are the IBM 5-in-5 predictions for the next five years. My personal favourite is number one, because I think with kinetic power being used as a renewable source of energy, we can all go green much more easily. What is your favourite?

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