High School Senior Bobby Brown Makes an Incredible Dunk Over 5 People

HS Senior Bobby Brown

Could you believe that a high school senior dunked over 5 people?

Well, it is believable.


Bobby Brown, a senior at Lithia Springs High, made a clean dunk over 5 people with the tallest person in that group standing at an astonishing 6 foot 10. The dunk was definitely a crowd pleaser at the Scoutfocus Elite Showcase Slam Dunk Contest at USC- Aiken.

Brown, a 6 foot 7 athlete is sure to have colleges fighting to get him on their team. Many have been surprised to find out that Brown has not had many recruiters knocking down his door. With his amazing athleticism, it makes us all wonder why? And with this video circulating on the net, we are sure that many recruiters are now taking notice.

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