Whitney Houston Covers This Month’s Issue Of The Rolling Stone Magazine

Whitney Houston covers this month's issue of the Rolling Stone Magazine, one last time. The cover story explores the pop singer's humble beginnings, rise to fame, controversies and ultimate demise.

Whitney Houston covers this month’s issue of the Rolling Stone Magazine, as a tribute to her death and it was only fitting that she takes the cover one more time.

This is the second time that Whitney graces the cover of the magazine. The cover story is a retrospect into the pop singer’s life; exploring her humble beginnings as a church girl, her rise to fame and the controversies that sparked thereafter. The magazine hails Whitney’s ability to dabble in a number of artistic trades.

Blessed with a peerless combination of bravura lung power, model-perfect looks, and an image that was both warm and regal, Houston was that pop rarity: a genuine crossover star, juggling music and film, audiences’ young and old, black and white.

“Because of her cousin Dionne [Warwick], she understood all those pretty-ass melodies from Burt Bacharach, But because she was young and from the era of Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna, she had soul in her too – those rhythms. She had both sides. Plus, she was so damn gorgeous. You couldn’t say no to her,” Narada Michael Walden, who was one of Whitney’s producers, shared her sentiments about the late star.

Her rebellious streak is also explored in the article and Gerry Griffith who had introduced Whitney to Clive Davis back in the 80’s explained, A lot of us talked about that, and no one could come up with an answer. Where is that rebellion coming from? It didn’t come out for a while.” When it did, it came out in force, nearly destroying her personal life, career and music.

Despite her controversies, Whitney’s still remains etched into the memories of all those who loved her and we can only hope that she’s finally found peace.

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