Bobbi Kristina to Get All Of Whitney’s Possessions?

The late diva Whitney Houston is rumoured to have left all her possessions to her 19 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina. The Will does not specify the amount of money the pop star left behind, but Bobbi Kristina is the only beneficiary mentioned in the Will.

The late diva Whitney Huston is rumored to have left everything that she owned to her only daughter 19 year old Bobbi Kristina. The Will left by the pop diva mentions Bobbi Kristina as the only heir. The will however does not mention any specific assets Whitney owned but it states that all her vehicles, jewelry, personal effects clothing and furnishing are to be passed on to her only surviving daughter.

The existence of the Will was first reported by the Inside Edition when it was filed in Atlanta. Bobbi however will only access part of the money when she turns 21, because the funds will be put in a trust until then. She will then get rest she will get when she is 25, and she will access the rest when she finally turns 30.

Huston’s trustees are however allowed to get the money from the trust when Kristina needs it for various purposes like starting a business, buying a home or for tuition. The musician passed on February 11th and the will is said to have been signed on 3rd of February 1993, just before the pop diva gave birth to her daughter. The amount of money that she left behind has also not been specified.

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