Christian Rock Band ‘Junkyard Prophet’ Delivered an Anti-Gay Anti-Abortion Message at a School Assembly

Junkyard Prophet

Students were traumatized at a high school in Dunkerton, Iowa when a Christian Rock band came to their school to give an anti-bullying message, but instead this group of high school students got a message that they were not ready for.

The La Crosse Tribune reported that after the band performed their music they proceeded to separate the boys, girls and the teachers into groups. 


“They told my daughter, the girls, that they were going to have mud on their wedding dresses if they weren’t virgins,” said Jennifer Littlefield, whose 16-year-old daughter called her hysterical. It was even said that one of the band members led the girls in a purity chant and was encouraging the girls to me submissive to their husbands.

The boys were shown images of musicians who overdosed on drugs . They even went as far as telling the students that they would die early if they were gay. Several of the students walked out and were ridiculed and shouted at. What makes this event even more troubling is that the students were also shown graphic images of aborted fetuses.

It makes you wonder what are the true intent of people like this and why aren’t the schools doing a better job of checking backgrounds and the content of performers? This is truly a troubling time for the youth.

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