Coming Soon to a Wendy’s Near You: The Pretzel Burger

Wendy’s is changing the game with their new Pretzel Burger.
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Wendy’s is changing the game on the bland fast food scene. Behold, the Pretzel Burger.

According to USA Today, it will actually be the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. Originally, there was speculation that the pretzel burger would be launched this fall. Now, there are rumors that the pretzel burger could make its debut this summer. So when will America get to try the pretzel burger?

At this time, a date has still not been released. Denny Lynch, the Senior Vice President of Communications at Wendy’s, told USA Today, “We’re not sharing details of this sandwich today. It’s not in any of our restaurants.”

Mark Kalinowski on the other hand, did offer an estimated time frame for the pretzel burger. According to, Kalinowski, an analyst for Janney Montgomery Scott, wrote in a report, “Our best guess is for a Q3 launch, and as such, we raise our Q3 for both North American company-owned and North American franchised outlets by three percentage points, to +5.0%.”

Wendy’s third quarter ran from July 2 to Sept. 30 in 2012. What was the reasoning behind this creation? According to, Wendy’s wanted to explore alternative bread options. Wendy’s released a Grilled Chicken Flatbread sandwich as a limited time offer earlier this year. After a successful test in the Miami area, Wendy’s decided to launch the Pretzel Burger this year.

USA Today also mentioned that pricing may be an obstacle. Wendy’s has to work on a fine line for the pricing of the burger. It has to be high enough to generate profit, but if they go too high, then customers will be turned off. That is what happened to McDonald’s Angus burgers. Their customers preferred items off the Dollar Menu.

Soon America, soon you will be able to bite into a juicy pretzel burger.

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