Inspirational: Man Loses 250 Pounds off 99 Cent Diet

Musician Papa Joe Aviance lost 250 pounds in 18 months by walking and eating foods only from the 99 cent store.


We all know it’s hard to lose weight. It’s something that you can’t just pick up one day and expect results. When it comes to losing weight you have to make an oath to yourself to really want to make a change…and sometimes that’s not even good enough.

When trying to lose weight it’s not just exercising but really a whole lifestyle change. You can’t always eat all of the same foods and you can’t keep the same attitude as you had before. In order to lose weight you have to master the mental aspect to get physical results. Well anyway that’s what musician Papa Joe Aviance did.

See it all started back in 2009 when Papa Joe released his first house hit titled “Last Night A DJ Save My Life”. Joe didn’t like how big he had gotten when looking at the video which was on rotation on MTV and VH1 at the time. Clocking in at around 450 pounds, Aviance knew that now was the time to make a change. Soon after, he got rid of all junk food and soda that would get in the way of his progress of him losing weight. The only problem was he hadn’t made it big as a musician and had recently lost his job. In other words he was broke, and couldn’t afford a gym membership or to shop at any of the nicer grocery stores.

He could have gave up right there but he didn’t. Taking matters into his own hands, Papa Joe kept it simple and starting walking. He started out walking small distances and eventually went from walking through the neighborhood to walking 5 miles around and through L.A. Then instead of going big and shop for healthy food, Papa Joe was recommended to go to the 99 cent store which he did.

Now shopping at the 99 cent store Papa Joe could afford groceries, healthy groceries at that. He barely even spent 50 dollars a week on groceries. He bought all sorts of healthy food items like eggs, veggies, fish, tofu and other items required for preparing tasty and healthy dishes using the perfect gas grill in his kitchen to take his body health and fitness to next level even while being on a budget.

Since his walks became so regular Papa Joe gained the support of the city and within 18 months had already dropped 250 pounds. Now Papa Joe Aviance works as a health and wellness expert who tours around the world to inspire people that they can do it to.  This is Papa Joe now:


He’s an inspiration, indeed.

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