Blake Griffin is Not “Soft”

In a recent interview with ESPN, Blake Griffin addresses the notion of him being "soft".


Would you want to fight Blake Griffin? I sure know I wouldn’t. In a recent interview with ESPN, Griffin was asked about the thought around the league of him being soft. I really expected a politically correct answer but instead we got this:

He could have stopped at a simple “I don’t care” but instead Griffin invites people who thinks he’s soft to come and see. I love that response from Blake because he gets a lot of hate for no reason.

Whatever way you want to put it, this guy is a beast.  A lot of players take a lot of cheap shots at him because they don’t want to see his highlight reel up close and personal. They then call him soft for not retalliating when clearly he would get fined or suspended.

The other problem is that guys get away with doing this kind of stuff to Griffin all the time. I guess its because he’s so big, but usually it’s not small guys coming for his neck either. Maybe the Clippers should have a rule where when Blake’s on the floor Matt Barnes has to be there too because we all know Matt Barnes isn’t one to mess with, or they could sign a useless scrub always ready to use their 6 fouls (where’s Jaamal Magloire?).

If I had to call Griffin soft for any reason I would say because he doesn’t posterize people as much any more. If it were up to me he’d dunk every play.  Last year he would try to be versatile a little too much instead of going in a dunking on someone’s head. That’s what he’s good at! Also until you see Blake Griffin dunk in person (I have and it’s truly awesome), don’t criticize him for only dunking.  Trust me, it’s a sight to see.

If all else fails and you want to see if Blake Griffin is soft, you should try the Zach Randolph approach:

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