American Dad Got Cancelled, Well Kinda

FOX has decided to cancel Seth MacFarlane's American Dad series after the upcoming season airs but the series will get a second run on another network.

FOX has been airing Seth MacFarlane’s “other series” since 2005 and now it seems like that relationship will be coming to an end soon. After the upcoming season airs this fall, FOX has decided to part ways with the series. It’s okay though because the network that syndicates American Dad, TBS will pick up the series for an 11th season in 2014. A big sigh of relief had to come out because recently American Dad has recently become one of my favorite shows.

When they first came out with American Dad, I never gave it a chance. Like a lot of other people I really thought it would just be a knockoff of Family Guy. Nobody wants to watch a knockoff so the show started off slow, but soon enough people realized what it really was. I won’t say that the show is completely different from Family Guy but I will say that it definitely is different.

The two main character’s Stan & Peter are poplar opposites and handle situations completely different. Both dads children are pretty much losers but they still always keep us laughing. One of biggest differences is the way the jokes come, FG uses a lot of cutaway gags, but AD focuses more on conventional laughs.

Both shows feature a lot of crazy characters but the breakout star (and the person who makes American Dad what it is) definitely has to be Roger the alien. Roger is always funny as has so many different personalities that you never know what to expect. The other characters are funny as always but Roger always finds a way to steal the show.

I’m glad the show will still continue but now it leaves the once Seth MacFarlane filled Animation Domination spot on Fox, with only one MacFarlane original, Family Guy. We all know that Family Guy isn’t going anywhere but I’m sure glad another show got seen the door.

A few months ago MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show was cancelled and for good reason, it really wasn’t good. I never really could get into and the characters just weren’t interesting. There were no breakout characters and Clevelands friends were wack. It was weird to have Cleveland as a main character from the jump because he really wasn’t a wild character on Family Guy anyway. Hopefully Cleveland returns to Quahog and returns to Family Guy because the Cleveland Show was a fail. American Dad wasn’t though and I’m happy we’ll still get to see the Smith Family on our tv screens.

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