Finally, a Jeremy Lin Movie Is Coming Out

A year later we get a chance to look back at Jeremy Lin's rise to stardom in his new documentary: 'Linsanity'. After the magical ride that seemed unreal, we finally get some answers, to how Linsanity happened.

J-LinJust when people were starting to forget about him, Jeremy Lin will soon be the topic of discussion again. Not because of anything he does on the court though. Those days are gone. He’s a great role player but not the star he seemed destined to be during that glorious month-long run he had in New York. Now they’re coming out with a Jeremy Lin documentary about his rise to stardom in the NBA. It’s supposed to be coming out on October 4th in select cities.

I think it’s good that they waited a while to do this because Lin’s popularity has shrunken in the last year. If they would have did this movie when he first went on the rise it would have just been too much of Lin. Now he gets to be apart of the supporting cast to the Dwight Howard-James Harden show, which is a good fit for him. I really am interested to see what was going on behind the scenes of Lin’s life because what he did during the “Linsanity” days was unreal.

After already being waived by two teams last season, the New York Knicks picked Jeremy Lin up early in the season after Iman Shumpert was injured. Nobody expected anything out of him and he was expected to be waived soon anyway. Then one day he got a little bit of minutes because of injuries. He played well enough to get more minutes the next game and soon he took off. Out of nowhere this unknown Asian baller from Harvard became the face of New York basketball. The team was struggling before he came into the lineup and soon after he led them into being a respectable team. It was a great little time in basketball history and definitely unexpected. Just to describe what Jeremy Lin was doing, think Derrick Rose’s MVP season but for two weeks, that was how nice Lin was.

Then things went back to normal for the Knicks, Carmelo Anthony came back from injury, literally ripped the ball from Lin’s hand and the team went back to their struggles. Coach D’Antoni quit and Mike Woodson took over. Lin was given a lesser role in the offense and looked like an average point guard. Soon he got injured and didn’t play the rest of the season.

Afterwards he moved on to the Rockets (one of the teams that had previously waived him) and carved out a decent role as Harden and Chandler Parson’s second option.

Now that the dust has settled and we know what Lin really is, it’s nice that we get to go back and see the story that rocked the sports world. I really hope I get to see this movie because that’s exactly what Jeremy Lin’s rise felt like, a movie.

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