Hearing Of Oprah Winfrey’s Former Stepmom, Barbara Winfrey’s Eviction Set for Today

Oprah’s stepmom, Barbara Winfrey, refused all financial settlements on the home that she lived in but Oprah owned, and now she faces eviction.

Oprah Winfrey’s former stepmother Barbara Winfrey’s eviction hearing is set for Monday.  It will determine if she should be evicted from her home of 13 years.

According to reports Oprah had purchased the Laurelbrooke, Tennesee house for her father, Vernon and Barbara after they got married in 2001.  It was bought under the name of the limited liability company Overground Railroad, founded by Oprah.

However when the two broke up two years ago and Vernon filed for divorce, and because of financial problems, they lost a building in Nashville where Vernon’s barbershop was located and their former homes.

Oprah then bought all three properties out of foreclosure and offered Barbara her former house to live in for free, however Barbara refused the deal insisting Oprah and her should sign a non-disclosure agreement.

When legal wars began concerning the Laurelbrooke mini-mansion, Barbara refused to leave the house because as she said it had been her home for 13 and a half years even though it was owned by Oprah.

Barbara was then offered a deal that will see her depart with half of the splits if they sale the residence but she also turned that down. After several requests to vacate the property voluntarily did not bear fruit, the appropriate paperwork was filed to have her vacate the property.

Barbara will argue her case on 9 am Monday before Judge Ernie Williams and insists she’s never been after money from Oprah.

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