Should We Be Preparing for Another Depression?

If you pay attention to the stock market, then you would have no reason to think that anything is wrong. The Dow Jones keeps hitting records, job unemployment is as low as it’s been in the nineties and big businesses have never been more profitable. Not bad for an economy on the brink of collapse less than ten years ago. It seems the financial district and Wall Street have gotten back on track from where they were back in 2007. The looming question by economists is when will it happen again? We may have already gotten the answer we’re looking for.

I’ve never been a person to fall into the hype of conspiracy theories and half-truths, but my perspective on our government has changed over the last few years. Since the recession happened, only one person went to jail and recently a House bill was approved that was mainly written by Citigroup lobbyists that gave a lot of leeway for the banks to bet on risky derivatives, much like they did before. On top of that 80 of the richest people now have nearly half of the world’s wealth and by next year they will have more wealth than billions of people.

Banks around the world are still a little questionable about trusting US banks. What’s taking my suspicion to new heights is that fact that bankers from different banks and high-ranking positions have got killed or committing suicide at an alarming rate. According to Intellihub more than 36 bankers have died within the past year. Shawn D. Miller, the managing director and social risk management for Citigroup was found back in Nov. in his apartment with his throat slit. It’s not just here, but bankers and other financial personnel and have been popping up dead in foreign countries as well. This seems to be a part of a nasty fluke, someone or a group is trying to make sure no one tells about anything leading into what the banks are preparing for now.

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