Are We Saying ‘No’ to American Values?

The student government at the University of California, Irvine has voted to ban the displaying of the American flag.

In California, the student government at the University of California made a controversial and notable ban on the American flag or any flag in the common lobby area of the student government offices. According to student Matthew Guevara of school’s social ecology school, among the 25 reasons for the ban, some are saying that the American flag has been flown in times of “colonialism and imperialism” and could symbolize American “exceptionalism and superiority.” This is adding onto a compounding problem that the fight for the identity of this country could be a slippery slope or the next generation.

It’s not just banning of the American flag that makes this argument strong, but American patriotism is being threatened as well. American Sniper recently came under fire for promoting anti-Muslim rhetoric and propaganda. It’s funny because only ten years ago, Americans were convinced a fight a war in which the movie was based out of using this very same anti-Muslim hysteria that swept the nation shortly after 911. The movie also came under fire for Chris Kyle’s portrayal of himself. Some say he blatantly lied about his accounts of the war and other events in his life to promote himself as his own demigod.

It’s not just about war movies and flags that Americans are saying no to now, but essentially our livelihoods as well. Marriages are down, small businesses have not recovered from the recession and the housing market is down from the 2008 slump. These are staples of the American way of life, you know how it goes, get married, buy a home and start a family business. Less Americans are also giving up their citizenship in record numbers, because they no longer believe the country’s moving forward in a positive direction. This adds onto the lack of trust in the political process or politicians as well.

No matter if you believe in this country or not, there is a shift among the American people that clearly resents the way in which the country is going. Let me know your thoughts.

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