“Power” is Effing Brilliant!

In what could have been a clusterfuck of cliches about dopemen, “Power” is one of the best-written television dramas that has ever aired.
We can't get enough of Power

Since its début on Starz in  June of 2014, the streets have been talking about the absolute brilliance of  “Power” (produced by Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson). I didn’t get on the “Power” bandwagon until the third episode of the second season aired. My husband and I binge watched the ENTIRE first season within a week.

Given our hectic schedules, that’s a miracle. “Power” is our drug, baby! Even the theme song  “Big Rich Town” performed by 50 cent featuring Joe makes you want to drop it one time in your living room. “Power” isn’t the first television drama about the hood, drug dealers or street life but it IS, by far,  one of THE most intelligently told stories about two drug-dealing best friends living in the Big Apple.

50 Cent portrays the ruthless Kanan.
50 Cent portrays Kanan. Ghost and Tommy’s mentor turned nemesis.

The complex characters grab your attention immediately. 50 Cent could have easily produced a show about dudes on the block hustling and I’m sure we would’ve watched, enjoyed and identified with Ray Ray around the corner. After all, “The Wire” was an excellent series. Thankfully, he was wise enough to do the unexpected. The intoxicating formula of sex, love, deception, power and loyalty has been delicately developed by the show’s writers.

James “Ghost” St. Patrick’s character, portrayed by Omari Hardwick, is the show’s protagonist. He is the quintessential thinker of the crew. Ghost is MY FAVORITE character on the show. Despite being a product of his environment, St. Patrick is a big picture thinker. He is not the clichéd dope man. He wants more for himself and his family and he takes the necessary precautions to make sure that his family’s future is secure.

Tommy Egan,  the show’s resident hot head, doesn’t have the chill that Ghost consistently displays in their many problematic situations. He talks a little too much and doesn’t always think things through but he is loyal to a fault and Chicago-native, Joseph Sikora- does an incredible job portraying the Irish street kid turned kingpin. Not even Holly (his love interest) could get him to turn on his best friend. Together, Tommy and Ghost are the glue that holds the other drug crews together, they take care of one another even when things seem a little strained and they’re not scared to get their hands dirty if some shit goes down.  It’s a riveting example of brotherhood. The epitome of REAL street shit.

Kanan, played by 50 Cent, was their former mentor and he is out for their blood and his rightful place as the “King of New York”. He makes you hate him. He is arrogant, shady and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He serves a fresh helping of nice nasty which keeps the trio’s dynamic, especially, interesting because the growing tension between Ghost and Kanan is undeniable.

Power's Power Couple- The St. Patrick's
Ghost and Tasha St. Patrick- The Power Couple Photo courtesy of The NY Daily News

What would a television drama be without a love triangle? Naturi Naughton channels Lil Kim realness into Tasha St. Patrick’s character. She is the doting, ride or die wife of Ghost and nothing is off-limits in terms of her money or her family.  “Power”, remarkably, leads the audience through a timeline of their lives together. She is power-hungry and determined to get out of the hood. Tasha has been down with him since day one and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for her man. I can appreciate that. REALLY, I can but her short-sighted view of their life goals are a thorn in my ass. She minds  HIS money and feels entitled to it. She isn’t even smart enough to stash her own shit from their account. UUUUUUUUGHHHH!  Ghost is becoming a legitimate business man and is well on his way with smart investments but Tasha wants him to be “New York’s biggest drug dealer”. Sadly, Tasha’s narrow-minded aim is detrimental to their marriage. It doesn’t help that Ghost runs into his old neighborhood sweetheart, Angela Valdez (played by Lela Loren) at “Truth”, the hot nightspot that he owns in Manhattan. Angie and Ghost were inseparable until her father sent her away in order for her to have a better life. She finishes college, goes to law school and becomes an US attorney. Angie has her own and is a complement to Ghost.

Angie and Ghost were crazy for one another until Angie moved away  while in high school in order to not become a statistic. She makes something of  herself.
The neighborhood sweethearts rekindle their love. Image: HipHop Weekly

Fate brings them back together and their chemistry is unquestionable. The two never really got over one another and a steamy, affair ensues.  I clutch my pearls staring at the heat between Angie and “Jamie” (what she affectionately calls him). Yaaaaaas! I know THAT feeling. The writers, skillfully, paint the contrast between Tasha and  Angie. We understand why he loves them both and everybody has their favorite. We, also, see two very distinct men in James St. Patrick. Tasha loves Ghost. Angie loves Jamie. Who wins?

What’s most intriguing is that Ghost NEVER falls apart. His heart is clearly leading him to Angie, even though she is on the opposite side of the law. He, also, remains incredibly loyal to Tommy and Tasha ( infidelity aside)  and always manages to stay a step ahead of everybody else. “Power” keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end and that’s what I need if I’m going to spend my Saturday night at home. By the way, I’m #TEAMANGIE! Wepa!

With whom are YOU riding?


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