Supernatural Review: Form and Void

A short and spoiler free review of this week's all new Supernatural.

Darkness has fallen and the Winchester boys have a ton of work to do! Oh boy. I hope to Chuck they make it out this one alive.

Well, it seems Supernatural has thrown us a curve ball in the premiere episode. Darkness has fallen and is a woman? That’s certainly new. I honestly thought that darkness was just going to be that. Darkness. But there’s the first curve ball Supernatural has thrown and I’m sure there’s more to come as the season progresses.

Tonight’s episode threw another ball but with a bit more heat to it. This season won’t be pulling punches, that’s for sure! Anyways, I won’t spoil the episode for those who have not seen it, but here’s my opinion and what I thought of it.

It certainly gained my attention and kept me at the edge of my seat! There was some heart pounding moments. Things also got more complicated, especially with the darkness running deep within Sam.

At least the Mark of Cain is off Dean. But it’s not totally gone. Dang it. This episode also had a few “what the heck?” moments that will leave us questioning until the next episode. But I have a feeling that this season will leave us with a million and one questions.

At least until the mid-season finale, which will leave us with more questions. Dang. They really want us guessing this season don’t they? This episode was not only jaw-dropping like the premiere, it’s really throwing those balls at us! Batter up fans! If we want to debunk all these questions, we need to hit a home run.

I’ll be doing more reviews as the season progresses and I hope you’ll be with me for the journey. I’ll be seeing y’all next episode. Until then, grab the salt and draw those Devil’s Traps. We got work to do!

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