Iconic Actress- Director Debbie Allen Gets Uncensored

Debbie Allen gets uncensored.

Actor and dancer Debbie Allen has touched the lives of so many throughout her career within classic episodes of “Fame” where she earned three Emmy awards, and currently with the Debbie Allen Dance Academy.  As the youngest of three children, Allen attended Howard University, graduating cum laude, then headed off to New York to pursue acting.  By 1984, Allen was honing her skills as a director, leading the way for black women directors. 

In the increasing effort to give legends their flowers while they are alive, TV One is airing a special highlighting Allen’s obstacles and success stories. 

TV One’s edgy docu-series UNCENSORED, with Debbie Allen airs Sunday, October 4

at 10 P.M. ET/9C.   Season 3 will also spotlight actors Omari Hardwick and Jenifer Lewis. 

Click the clips below to watch a sneak peek of Debbie Allen telling her story with no filter. 

Debbie Allen on TVOne
Debbie Allen on TVOne
Debbie Allen on TVOne
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