All Lives Matter: Why Was Corey Jones Murdered by a Plain Clothes Cop With No Badge?

Corey Jones did everything right. He was a prominent drummer in his church and an inspector in the city in which he lived. He was still murdered by a cop.
Corey Jones

Corey Jones, a prominent musician in the community and a city worker, was murdered by a plain clothes cop with no badge in an unmarked van while waiting for roadside assistance on a dark Florida highway near Miami. Why the hell would Corey Jones trust anything that this man said even if he identified himself as an officer of the law? Oh, because he’s not black and we should just trust everybody other than black folks.

This is nothing new. It isn’t even surprising. In post-racial America, this is a way of life for black people. Good black people. Black folks who own home, go to work every day, kiss their kids before sending them off to school, pay taxes, and go to church on Sunday. “All Lives Matter” though.

I don’t have to talk about Corey Jones’ legal permit to carry a concealed weapon or that he had a firearm in his vehicle. This information is irrelevant because according to reports his body was found 80-100 feet away from his vehicle and his gun was never discharged. I don’t have to mention that Nouman Raja (the officer who murdered Jones) will be portrayed as a pillar of the community and a great police officer with roses blooming out of his ass. People will say that Raja isn’t white. It doesn’t matter.  “All Lives Matter” though. White men, women and children aren’t being murdered and beaten by cops while waiting for roadside assistance, playing at parks with toy guns, or being found dead in their cells after arrests for minor infractions.

Corey Jones murdered by Nouman Raja
Nouman Raja- Plain clothes cop with no badge who shot and killed unarmed Corey Jones. Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Post

Needless to say, the protests and demands for justice have begun. Former NFL player, Clinton Jones Jr., pondered on behalf of the “good negroes” with step and fetch phrases like “This is not a black thing… No disrespect about Black Lives Matter, (but) all lives matter. And my brother had plenty of friends — white friends, Asian friends, it didn’t matter.”

I cannot imagine losing my baby sister due to natural causes let alone to murder. I know that Clinton Jones Jr. is grieving but what the hell would possess this negro to have a platform and then open his mouth to cater to the very institution that MURDERED HIS BROTHER? Help me understand why black people continue to put other people’s lives before ours. This IS and has ALWAYS been about black and white. This is Florida. Sundown towns didn’t exist there for nothing. He lives in the state where Trayvon Martin’s murderer was acquitted. Slaves helped build Florida’s infrastructure. I apologize if I seem a little harsh, but I’m sick and tired of black folks who pretend that the playing field is level for us. It isn’t and having a white wife doesn’t make him an equal either. “CJ” should stick to football and skip the commentary on social injustice. He missed the mark.

Corey Jones was murdered by someone who is supposed to uphold the law. He isn’t the first and he damn sure won’t be the last. #BlackLivesMatter

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