EK loves his Cleopatra, even if the feelings aren't exactly reciprocated. (Image: Courtesy of EK)

Nigerian Rapper EK Is Showing Love to His ‘Cleopatra’ in ‘I Got You’

Meet EK, the Nigerian rapper who’s rhyming about love — well, sort of.

“I want my music to tell my life’s story and speak of my challenges adapting to a world that knows how to stop dreaming. I want to be an example to young people that dreams can come true!” said EK in a press release. “If people open their hearts and minds to my music they will hear my story, and something will resonate in their souls.”

This definitely rings true for EK’s latest single, “I Got You” featuring Mitymaose. In it, he serenades the “Cleopatra” to his “pharaoh” as he claims she can control him with her will. “See your reflection in the mirror / Your shadow behind it / I know you destroyed kings / I heard you bragging about it  / You know the power of the p—- / You got me out playing hooky,” he raps before adding can start wars and end them.  According to the YouTube caption, the track is about “a song about falling in love with a deceitful women, a Cleopatra, but whole-hardheartedly submitting to her deceitful ways and her allure, despite knowing she isn’t there for your best interest.” Definitely deep. It’s no wonder EK won DJBooth’s “This is My Year” back in 2015. The 25-year-old rapper came to the United States in 2001 — now he’s repping Boston.

Check out the lyric video for “I Got You” above.

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