Kenny Baker, The Man Inside R2-D2, Dies At 81

Kenny Baker, the man who portrayed R2-D2 in the first six Star Wars movies, has passed away at the age of 81, after battling a lung condition.
Kenny Baker dies at 81

After years of fighting uphill battles with his failing health, Kenny Baker passed away at the age of 81. Abigail Shield, the late actor’s niece, confirmed his passing to news outlets on Saturday August 13, 2016. Her brother, Andrew Myerscough, found Baker in his bed that morning.

Baker desired to go peacefully, instead of pained by the lung condition the plagued him. Fortunately, his life ended just as he wished, Myersscough told reporters, saying, “I couldn’t ask for more.” The night before his death, the beloved actor cheered for his country while watching the Olympic games. According to his family, he was in good spirits.

When he was a child, doctors said that he would not live past his teenage years. Despite their morbid prediction, Baker lived a full life marked by courage, will-power, and prestige. Without saying a word, he captured the hearts of millions. In his death, those same hearts ache. The world will miss him.

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