Donald Trump Swears This Election Will Be Rigged And He’s Right


The presidential race has a reputation for being entertaining ever since the Kennedy and Nixon debates. We must have taken that concept and ran with it. America just has to prove that anything is possible, but are we going too far?

Hillary Clinton is clearly the best candidate out of the two, but why do we have to make it so obvious? We get it! He’s not qualified. That’s a fact. You can’t say anything about this guy without him going off on Twitter. He even attacked a gold star family. Who wants a president like that? At first it was entertaining, but it’s not funny anymore.


To make matters worse his team is constantly giving out incorrect information on national TV. Katrina Pierson, his spokeswoman has made a number of false statements on CNN like “Afghanistan was Obama’s War”. Really? Clearly President Bush was in office at the time. I was in high school and I remember that.  As a candidate on the road to election, your team should be sharper than that. So are we really supposed to believe this is real?

His latest stunt is recently stating that President Obama started Isis. He also Claims that Hillary Clinton is the co-founder. Donald even stood by that statement in an interview. Now he’s saying he was being sarcastic, but not really, and didn’t mean it literally. Although he literally used the word literally. Can Hillary Clinton win now? Because I’m literally over it.

If this is real,  that means Donald Trump is the worst candidate to ever run for president in the republican party. Like the absolute worse, and if you’re that bad I can’t help but believe that you’re doing it on purpose.

Whitney Marquise Acoff
Whitney Marquise Acoff (WIT-nee MAR-kee AK-oaf) is a professional journalist and political blogger. Getting her start in fashion writing she's been a friend of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for many years. Whitney has also interviewed celebrities such as Wendy Williams and managed celebrity social media accounts for Mike Epps, DL Hughley, Ricky Smiley, and more. Today Whitney is the Editor in Chief of her own publication The Inside Report. She also still contributes to many publications while growing her brand.

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