Derrick Rose Uses Tupac’s Rape Case to Defend Himself Against Accuser, Whom He Wants to Identify Herself

Derrick Rose is trying to use some of the scenarios that happened in Tupac’s rape case as a defense for his.

NBA Star Derrick Rose is now citing Tupac’s notorious sexual assault case in his defense towards an anonymous woman accusing him of rape.

Rose is urging the judge to have the woman reveal her identity. The rapper’s 1993 case saw his accuser be pressured to disclose her identity by the judge. Rose stated in court documents that his situation is nearly identical to Tupac’s with each of their accusers utilizing their anonymity to bash them within the media.

He believes it offers her an unfair advantage and is urging the judge to place a stop to it. A ruling on the matter is expected later today. “Mr. Rose would be placed at a serious disadvantage if he were required to defend himself publicly while Ms. Doe could make her accusations from behind a cloak of anonymity,” an excerpt from the document read.

In Pac’s case, the woman tried to make use of a pseudonym to cover her identification, however, the rapper objected, and the judge ended up siding with him.

He additionally used the argument that her trashing him within the media gave her a “tactical advantage” in the case. Pac ended up serving nine months in prison for the crime.

Rose is being accused of “gang raping” the woman in her L.A. residence along with his pals in 2013. He stated he is “not worried” in regards to the case at a press conference and is making an attempt to focus on playing with his new team the NY Knicks.

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