Odell Beckham Jr. Shows Frustration After Giants Lose To Vikings

Emotions get the best of Odell Beckham Jr. during the Giants loss to the Vikings.

The Minnesota Vikings (4-0) handled their business against the New York Giants (2-2) during Monday night’s game. The Vikings offense had suffered a lot of injuries, but still got things done.

Minnesota’s offense wasn’t looking too good when Teddy Bridgewater took on a nasty injury prior to the start of the season. Things looked worse when Adrian Peterson took on injuries of his own.

Nevertheless, Sam Bradford is holding things down for the Vikings. Jerick McKinnon also did pretty well against the Giants. He had 18 carries, 85 yards and a touchdown for the Vikings last night.

While the Vikings offense has been able to hang on, their defense has been a force to be reckoned with this season. The Vikings have 15 sacks so far this season. They were not able to get any on Giants quarterback, Eli Manning last night. However, they did pick off Manning, giving them their sixth so far.

The Giants had some problems early on when Dwayne Harris botched a punt return. This gave the Vikings their early 7-0 lead when they recovered the ball on the Giants 41-yard line.

The Vikings are one of the few teams in the league to remain undefeated.

While this game was a low for the Giants, it was a big low for Receiver, Odell Beckham.

Beckham held a 28 game streak of at least 4 receptions per game, which was ended yesterday. He only had 3 receptions for 23 yards, and no touchdowns, which was his new career low. His previous low was in 2014, week 6 for 28 yards.

An obviously frustrated Beckham hasn’t been able to hold in the emotions lately, either. Just last week he caught press for his tantrum against the Giants loss against the Redskins.

Odell Beckham Jr. also lost his cool against the Giants when he got an Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after getting shoved out of bounds by Xavier Rhodes.

Giants quarterback, Eli Manning spoke on Beckham, mentioning he has to keep his cool, or they will call him.

However, Beckham see’s the calls as personal attacks from the officials. He says in a postgame interview, verbatim, “If I sneeze wrong, there will be a flag”, or “If I tie my shoes wrong it might be a flag”.

It is no doubt that Beckham is an emotional player, but his actions are making him a liability, rather than an asset at this point.

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